7 Ways to Get Him to Go Shopping with You ...

Being with your man is usually wonderful, except when you have to think up ways to get him to go shopping. Why is this such a struggle? You would think we asked them to do Algebra or something, the way they moan and groan outside of the dressing room. And the look of panic when we ask them to hold our purse is comical. They love the way we look in clothes, they just don’t seem to want to help us buy them. If you're determined to have your man’s input on your wardrobe, though, here are some ways to get him to go shopping.

1. Be Organized

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This is definitely one of the main ways to get him to go shopping. Men constantly complain about wandering through stores with no end in sight. Men like to get in, get the thing, and get out, like a military strike. Increase your odds of getting him to go with you by limiting yourself to one item (we’ll use jeans as an example) per trip. Research the details online ahead of time and narrow the search down to the few styles you want to try on and the stores where you can find them (try to limit it to no more then 3 Stores). Get in, get his opinion, get out. He will love your forever and brag to his friends about your shopping prowess.

2. Make It Skimpy, Stupid (MISS)

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Which do you think would be easier, getting your man to go shopping at Walmart or Victoria’s Secret? As we've heard from ad men since Don Draper, "sex sells." So take him to shop for that new bathing suit or lingerie. I guarantee he will be an eager shopper. This is a win-win: not only do you get to see what turns him on and what he thinks is flattering on you, he gets to see how hot you are and how lucky he is. Quick note - it is uber tacky to have sex in a dressing room. That is all.

3. Have an Activity Kit

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As the mother of small children, I have learned that being prepared with activities and snacks is the difference between a successful shopping trip and a complete meltdown. The same can be said of shopping with a man. Make sure to bring a portable phone charger and headphones so he can distract himself by playing video games and surfing the web while you search for the perfect red blouse. His stamina starts to flag? Give him an energy drink. He’s tired of looking at his phone? Offer him a choice of Sports Illustrated or Maxim. It sounds like a lot of work, but you do not want the meltdown, trust me.

4. Buy Him a Drink

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I have a friend who told me when she wants her husband to go shopping, they stop by the bar first. She calls it "Drunk Shopping." She says afterwards he has a blast in the stores and has no problem waiting. Now I’m not suggesting getting him wasted and then pushing him around in a shopping cart, but there is a certain brilliance to this. A beer or two will mellow him out and make him more receptive to wandering with you. By the time you've finished your fifth lap around the mall, he's ready to carry all your packages and head home. I always want to strongly stress being responsible when you drink, though.

5. Make It Competitive

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Almost all men love a challenge and are competitive by nature. Bet him five dollars that he can’t find an outfit better than one you picked out. Not only will he suddenly become Tim Gunn, he'll ask the help of customers and sales people alike to win. He'll find matching accessories and bags as side bets. It will be you trying to get him to leave by the end of the day.

6. Feed the Beast

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The way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach. Give him a light yummy snack before you go shopping and then promise him a nice lunch or dinner, his choice, when you're all done. That way he doesn’t feel cranky because he’s hungry while you shop, and he knows he will get a good meal at the end of it. Make sure he’s hydrated, too. Malls are dry places and dehydration can cause fatigue, grumpiness, and headaches.

7. Shop for Him

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Men hate shopping with us, but conversely, they love it when we go shopping with them. Isn’t that messed up? So use that to your advantage and shop for both of you! Find a department store or somewhere like H&M that will have clothes for men and women. Have him pick out outfits for you and you pick out some for him. Find changing rooms close together and then try on outfits for each other. You can pretend you're dressing up for date night and critique each others outfits.This way you’re both engaged and no one’s left holding the purse. Wait...where is the purse?

Those are a few ways to get him to go shopping. Shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. You can have your man and outfit, too, as long as you do a little planning. It may seem a little labor intensive on your part, but it’s worth it for a happy shopping trip. A lot of you probably have more tips. What would you add to the list?

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