8 Ways to Get His Attention in School ...


8 Ways to Get His Attention in School ...
8 Ways to Get His Attention in School ...

How to get his attention in school? It's a pretty common question, right girls? After all, when you're in high school or even college, that's the time that you can see your crush everywhere and multiple times a day! Learning how to get his attention in school is hard, especially because you don't want to come off as desperate or embarrass yourself. Don't worry, I've got your back! I've got the top 8 ways on how to get his attention in school that are completely fool-proof!

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Smile at Him

Even if you've never talked to your crush but you want to learn how to get his attention, smiling is the first step! Show your pearly whites off and toss him a great smile! I swear, he'll smile back and even begin to notice that you after that! Smiling also makes you appear as much more approachable, so who knows, after you smile at him, maybe he'll come up to you and spark a conversation!


Chat Him up in the Hallway

Let's say that you've talked to your crush a couple different times, but never a full conversation. Between classes or even just after school, why not seek out his locker and chat him up? Who knows, maybe he's been waiting for you to make the first move and he was just too shy to approach you!


Ask for Help with Your Homework

This is one of the biggest how to get his attention tricks that tons of girls use! What subject are you not doing so hot in? For me, it's math! Take that subject and ask your crush for help. He'll feel better knowing that you aren't perfect at all of your homework too and maybe you can help him out with some of the subjects he's struggling with too!


Try to Have Lunch with Him

School can be super stressful and the timing is pretty strict isn't it? Why not take your lunch time (if you have the same time frame as your crush of course) and try to have lunch with him? You could even catch him in the hallway and ask him to have lunch with you beforehand. It's a great way for you two to have a conversation and really get to know one another!


Flirt with Him

Just because you're in school, doesn't mean you can't pull some of your flirty tricks with him! Give off some flirty smiles, send him some texts that are a little flirty and even leave him some notes. I know your crush will appreciate it and who knows, maybe he'll pick up the hints that you like him!


Eye Contact

A lot of girls advert their eyes when their crush comes along but truthfully, eye contact is sexy! If you lock eyes with your crush, it makes you more approachable and who knows, maybe he'll just start up a conversation with you! Don't stare too long though, it'll make him uncomfortable.


Flirty Waves

Let's say that your lockers are across the hall from one another. You see each other all of the time, but haven't really gotten a chance to talk. Why not wave at him? Flirty little waves will let your crush know that you're into him and you want him to approach you!


Notes in Class

I know this is typically a huge no-no, but what about passing (very carefully!) a few notes in class? Or if you sit next to one another, what about writing back and forth in your notebooks? Trust me, it's a great way to get to know your crush and a fantastic way on how to get his attention in school. You'll also be able to showcase your sense of humor!

Learning how to get his attention in school doesn't have to be super difficult! All you have to do is take some of these tips and tricks to heart and I promise ladies, he'll approach you sooner than you expect! So – what other tips do you have on how to get his attention girls? Any you can share?

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Hello, like most girls who have commented, there is this guy. I am 14 almost 15.So here is my issue. He texts me all the time and I like him, but that isn't the issue. He has told me he likes mes and I said I liked him too and that was a good 9monthes ago. He still text me and we always flirt. His friends always tease me about him so that must mean something? He is shorter than me and my friends are always ranting about that, but I don't mind. You see I wish we could maybe be more than "friends", but I could never ask him out, because I don't have the guts.He can be so funny and talkative when we text, but at school he us a little quieter. This has been goin on for over a year and I don't know if I should just forget, turn up the charm, or just stay friends? I really appreciate any advice. :) Thanks so much for reading!! :)

I like a guy in school and I\'ve never talked to him before, I\'m a freshman and he\'s a sophomore I have 1 class with him and I don\'t really know how to approach him, any ideas?

I really like this guy in school and we talk sometimes. I've also been at his place once, but that was because I'm friends with his little sister and we met there after school. We all watched two movies together and it was a lot of fun. But my problem is that I really don't know if he likes me to. If he tweets something (in general, not mentioned to me), I'll tweet something to him, but he doesn't do that too.. But he doesn't use his computer thát often so that could be the case.. ;p Also, I am afraid that if I start to really flirt with him, and he doesn't like me, it'll become sooo awkward... :( I don't know how to figure out if he likes me too and how to make him like me.. Help me please? :)

Hi, I love this but the thing is he flirts with my friend. We always text eachother but the thing is that he told me he likes my closest friend and I think that's the only reason why he texts me to get closer to her. My best friend don't like him at all but as I gaze at him he gazes at her :( my heart hurts more than ever writing this down

I'm almost fourteen- he's been fourteen for a while. I really like him, but there's one problem- we go to "eschool". It's like homeschool, but with fellow classmates online. So we talk online all the time and we always hit it off, but I don't see him face-to-face very often. I've never been that good with guys so when I see him I totally freak out it's like he's staring into my soul. He always flirts with me online and when we DO see each other at the campus, he's always staring at me. We're just friends, but. . . He makes me laugh, encourages me, cheers me up. . . What can I do to get to know him in real life, and possibly become closer? I'm not sure if I'm ready to date yet, but what can I do so that he'll have the question in the back of his mind when I AM ready?

So I did this in school I was sitting next to my crush and my friend sat on the other side of him and my friend and I were passing notes and he wanted to know what they were about and he managed to read them....they were about him 😳😳 (well that got his attention didn't it??)

Hey. I changed schools recently and I have a crush on this guy. The problem is, we've hardly ever talked and don't share the same friends circle. We don't regularly have classes together, and the only time I get to be around him is in the hallways, during lunch or in between classes. How do I get to know him better? I don't want to seem too forward or drive him away.

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