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21 Basic Rules for Making the First Move on a Guy ...

By Heather

Making the first move on a guy isn't easy at all! In fact, making the first move on a guy is actually one of the hardest things in the world to do! You are probably worried about rejection, just how to make the first move and what to do if he does reject you. Well ladies, I've got the scoop on all of the latest ways to make the first move, so you'll be a pro at making the first move on a guy!

1 Read the Signs

When you are learning ways on making the first move on a guy, the first thing that you are going to want to do is read the signs the guy has been giving you. What has the conversation been like? How do you think that he feels about you? Do you have a connection? These are all important when you are making the first move on a guy!

2 Pay Attention to Body Language

Reading the signs also includes paying attention to body language. Does he lean in and try to touch you? Does he constantly flash a smile at you? Does he really, actively listen to you? These are all ways that you can tell that he's ready for the first move to be made!

3 Use Eye Contact

Ladies, one of the biggest things that you need to do when you are looking to make the first move is keep up eye contact. I know it's hard, but it shows that you are confident and that you truly believe in yourself. How can a guy reject that?

4 Keep It Casual First

There is absolutely no need to get hot and heavy with a guy right away. If you keep it casual in the beginning, I promise it'll be really long lasting. Not to mention the anticipation of the first touch, the first kiss, the first move is so, so sweet! So ladies, a casual touch on the arm, a pat on the shoulder or even a hug is a great start!

5 Keep the Conversation up

When you are flirting with a guy and just looking for your entrance to make your first move, make sure that you are keeping the conversation up and that it is light. What this will do is ensure that your guy is kept interested and that you are still getting to know one another!

6 Test Him

Whenever you are dealing with guys, testing the boundaries and knowing where you stand is really important! If you are looking to make the first move on one of your friends, why not test it out first by flirting a little and seeing how he responds to that?

7 Buy Him a Drink

Let's say that you are out on a date with a guy that you really like – or that you are trying to get the attention of a guy that you want to talk to, why not make the first move and buy him a drink? Guys do that all the time to get our attention, why not turn the tables?

8 Be Confident

The key to making the first move on a guy is being confident. Just know that any guy that you are flirting with is expecting to make the first move, if you beat him to it, he'll be blown away! Confidence is so important!

9 Find out if He's Single

This is one of the easiest things to do, so make sure you don't skip this step! Casually mention that his girlfriend must love how sweetly he treats women, and watch his response. If he says he's single, great! If he's in a relationship, then it doesn't matter how much he's been flirting with you, because he's off limits.

10 Be Honest

Don't lie about liking something that you hate in order to get him to like you. You want him to be interested in you, because you're such a delight to be around, not because he thinks you're a fan of Three Days Grace when you're not.

11 Remain Positive

If you walk over to a hot guy, assuming that he'll turn you down, then he probably will. Even if you don't think you have a shot, you have to think positively. He'd be lucky to have you, and don't forget it. A positive mind can accomplish a lot.

12 Don't Show Your Jealousy

If you're trying to have a conversation with a guy, and another girl interrupts, don't treat her rudely. He might end up shoeing her away so he can talk to you more. But if you're nasty to her, he might end up disliking you for acting catty.

13 Don't Let Rejection Stop You

You have to remember that you won't always get the guy you want. You might get rejected a few times in a row, but that doesn't mean you should stop making the first move. Eventually, you'll find a man who will reciprocate your feelings.

14 Make Your Attraction Obvious

You don't have to scream, "I'm trying to hit on you," into his ear, but you should make it clear that you're interested. Men can be pretty oblivious. Even though you're the one who walked over to him and started up a conversation doesn't mean that he realizes you want him. Find a way to make your intentions clear.

15 Use His Name

Once he tells you his name, make sure you keep slipping it into the conversation. People like to be addressed by their name, because it makes the conversation seem more personal. You shouldn't use his name in every single sentence, but try to say it as often as you can.

16 Don't Degrade Him

He might feel weird about you being the one to pursue him, so don't tease him about being too shy to talk to you first. He might laugh about it now, but it could make him feel less masculine, and ruin your chances with him.

17 Don't Look Desperate

If you approach him, have a conversation, and then he walks away, don't follow him around like a puppy. You want to seem like a bold, independent woman who has no problem asking out a man, not like a lonely, desperate woman who needs his approval.

18 Never Have a Friend's Help

If you want to make the first move, you have to do it yourself. Don't ask your friend to approach him and say that you find him cute. It's way too childish to work, and it makes you appear unconfident.

19 Stop Being Afraid

If you feel like saying something risqué to him, go for it. You were bold enough to approach him, so you should be bold enough to say what's on your mind. Chances are he'll enjoy hearing it, so don't be shy.

20 Avoid Approaching a Group

It's difficult to flirt with a man when he's surrounded by his buddies. That's why it's best to walk up to a guy who is all on his own. If you're dying to talk to the cutie that has a friend next to him, ask one of your friends to talk to his buddy so that no one is left alone.

21 Remember You're Unique

Many women are too terrified to make the first move, so the guy you're approaching may have never had it happen to him before. No matter how the conversation goes, he's always going to remember you as the girl who was brave enough to make the first move. That's something to be proud of, so keep your head high.

There are so many different ways to make the first move on a guy, you just have take a look at a few of the tips above. Ladies, have you ever made the first move? How did it go? I know it's hard, but next time you are out on a date, why not try making the first move on a guy? It'll make his head spin!

This article was written in collaboration with Holly Riordan.

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