7 Ways to Pick Someone up ...


7 Ways to Pick Someone up ...
7 Ways to Pick Someone up ...

There are tons of ways to pick someone up ladies! Whether you are looking for ways to pick him up first or ways to show him you're interested! Take a look below, I've go the top 7 ways to pick someone up easily, quickly and without being embarrassed! Are you looking for a boyfriend but aren't quite sure how to approach him, how to get him to ask you out? Don't worry, I've got your back!

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Wing Woman

We all have that girlfriend who is the smooth talker, the match maker, the nonchalant person who can talk to any guy. The best advice I can give you is to use her. If there is a guy you are interested in but aren't ready to make your move, have her go over and sweet talk him for you. You're beautiful and have a killer personality so let her talk you up! Sometimes we just need that friend to teach you some of the ways to pick someone up!


Faking You Know Someone

My friends make fun of me all the time because this is my number one go to line when picking a guy up in a place. I use the casual, "I'm sorry to bother you, but you look so familiar. Is your name ___?" Its an easy way into starting a conversation, and the guy will find it endearing that you are ballsy enough to come over to him with just a chance of maybe knowing him. This way of picking someone up works if you can sweet talk your way from "maybe" knowing the guy, to getting to the know guy. Also, the jealousy factor doesn't hurt here because he'll realize you know more good looking guys.


Comment on Your Surroundings

Whether you are sitting in a bookstore or shopping in Whole Foods, you can pick up a guy anywhere. I always picture that awkward grocery store movie moment where a guy comments on the girl's "lemons" at the produce section. We all know it's a bit cliche but if you do it right you can angle the situation to be a simple conversation starter. Most of the time picking up a guy is about showing him you're interested. It doesn't mean you have to ask him out right away, he may beat you to it. Commenting on your surroundings is a great way to bring up a topic that you are both sharing at that moment. It could be small talk about the new flavor of coffee at Starbucks or how the professor's sweater looks like he stole it out of his grandma's closet.


Making Someone Your Pretend Boyfriend

How many times have you been out and some random loser starts hitting on you and all you want is a shower, guy repellant spray, and a good looking man to come rescue you? This is the perfect scenario for that, the rescue part at least. When the slime ball is talking up a storm to you, point to the cute guy across the room and just say, "I'm sorry, but my boyfriend over there is waiting for me." Walk up to the hottie and tell him to play a long for a few minutes because he is saving you from a major headache. It will be something you two can laugh over and his confidence will be boosted because out of everyone there you chose him. Way to pick him and his ego up.


Buy a Guy a Drink

The most obvious way a guy tries to pick you up in a bar is by buying you a drink. In his mind its an easy way to get you home, but in your mind its a nice compliment, and quite endearing. Now a days, a lot of guys don't do it because they are afraid of getting shut down or don't want to waste money in this economy. Turning this move around and sending a drink over to a guy shows your sexy, confident side. You aren't afraid to throw down the first move. I've surveyed many men and one of the most common things they say is they would want a girl to be in the hot seat for a change. One of the best ways to pick someone up is to throw him for a loop. Send him a large beer and you've stolen his heart.



Being ballsy can be a huge turn on to men. There have been many a times where my girl friends and I go out and straight up say to a guy, "I just want to tell you that I find you attractive and wanted to introduce myself." Sometimes the guy will be picking his jaw up from the floor, or telling you how he appreciates your honesty. Guys aren't used to being picked up so for you to stun him is quite a talent. Just because you are honest about how you feel doesn't mean you should let go of playing hard to get. Remember, picking up a guy is all about a balance.


Accidental Graze

If you haven't heard already, body language is a key factor when it comes to the opposite sex. If you like a guy you lightly touch his arm or his leg, you lean in to him when he speaks. These are important to know when picking up a guy using the accidental graze. Whether you are in a crowded area or just passing on an open street, being close to someone is an intimate moment. Accidentally swipe him, bump into him, step on his foot, graze his back, do some sort of close body touching. But to complete that you must finish it off with an innocent over the shoulder smile and hair toss, saying the sincerest, "I'm so sorry!" you have ever pulled off. You have just caught his attention and broken the ice that you can use any of the previous options to now pick him up.

Most guys say they are scared to talk to a girl because they can never tell if we are into them or not. Just because we are friendly doesn't always mean we are interested. This is your chance to make your move and sweep the guy off his feet for a change. Picking someone up is easy, but how you pick someone up is an art form. Remember to be confident and always play hard to get. Going after what you want can score you your very own fairy tale. Which of these ways to pick someone up has worked best for you?

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These are adorable tips haha :)

I met my boyfriend through my best friend on a trip to Australia. My friend's this incredibly outgoing person-while I'm a bit more reserved- and she somehow met this guy at a bar, who was single,not gay, and a christian. He was on the eccentric side (she described his look as a pair of swimming trunks, a shirt with Thor's hammer on it, and a coat like the one that Johnny Depp wears in Alice in Wonderland), and he seemed geniunely interested in meeting me (I had stayed at our hotel, nursing a sprained ankle from a surfing lesson gone bad). It was love on first site, for me. And, the first thing i said to him on our first date was, "I swear to God, if you so much as mention Justin Beiber to me, I'll take Mjölnir to your head and be rid of you." Later on, he said that he fell in love with me as soon as I said that. We've been dating for almost six months, and we couldn't be happier! I'm thinking of moving in with him ( I stayed in Australia, not for him, but because I feel in love with Mandurah), and we get along perfectly, despite our 7 year age difference (I'm 18, and he's 25). I thank my best friend regularly for deciding ot go clubbing on the one night that he happened to be in that exact club, in his wonderfully avant-garde get-up. :)

I did #6 last night!!! :D

"Just because you are honest about how you feel doesn’t mean you should let go of playing hard to get. " Yes! Just remember being hard to get does not mean to never give a guy anything to go on. Scared may be to strong a term for all guys ( I am sure some are just polite, others maybe just tired of trying) but I think most do like to know where they stand. If you are friendly and they are interested they will ask. (unless they are really scared and I am sure you would be able to tell if they are that scared)

what to do if a guy gives you a lot of attention (approaches you all the time and definitely flirts) but when you respond even a little he starts to ignore you.? and its happening again and again?

how can you play hard to get while showing you're interested, yet not being annoying?

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