8 Ways to Get over Feeling Awkward on a Date ...


Getting through an awkward date or awkwardness on a date can be really, really hard. If you're out in the dating world and you feel like you're an awkward date, I've got you covered! I've got your top 8 ways to get over feeling awkward on a date!

1. Confidence

Building your confidence isn't going to be easy, but it is something that is going to be necessary. When you are confident, typically you'll be able to get over the awkward date and get onto enjoying your date. Not to mention, guys love when a girl is confident, it really shows that they are worth something!

Wear Something Comfortable


Hey Anon! Thanks so much for the comment! It's all about confidence and really, your clothes speak for you!
I agree with comfortable clothes. I always thought I didn't feel confident at large events because it just wasn't "me". But one night dressed in something really comfy that I looked great in, and sudd...
Hey Jocie! I'd definitely say that you should make him feel at ease. Talk to him more, get to know him a little more. Flirt! Flirting is honestly the greatest way to ensure that he knows that yo...
@heather please help
I'm going out with my 4th grade best friend. We are going to a movie Saturday and I want to kiss him but he's never had a girlfriend before and I don't want to pressure him. Also, I remember a lot abo...
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