8 Ways to Tell He is Interested ...

By Heather

8 Ways to Tell He is Interested ...

Are you trying to figure out all of the signs he is interested in you? Are you still not sure if your crush really likes you? Don't worry girls, I've got all of the top signs he is interested in you! That way you'll be able to tell if the guy you like is interested or if you should move on. So girls, you ready to explore the top signs he is interested in you?

1 He Rambles

The first sign he is interested in you is all about the rambling. When you are close, does he constantly ramble when he's around you. The reason why he rambles is because he's super nervous to be around you! For me, rambling is so, so cute.

When a man is interested in a woman, there are many subtle signs that he may display. One of the most telling signs is if he is prone to rambling when he is around her. This is because he is likely to be nervous in her presence, and his nervousness can manifest itself in talking too much or talking too quickly.

Rambling can be interpreted as a sign of someone being comfortable around another person, as it is a way of filling up the silence and expressing themselves. It can also be a sign of someone being attracted to another person, as they may be trying to impress them with their words.

In addition to rambling, another sign that he may be interested in a woman is if he listens attentively when she speaks. If he takes an active interest in what she has to say and remembers details from conversations, it could be an indication that he is attracted to her.

2 He Tries to Relate to You

Does your guy constantly try to relate to you in some way? Does he try to really find some type of common ground with you? That's absolutely one of the signs he is interested in you! After all, why would he try so hard?

3 He Confesses Embarrassing Secrets to You

A lot of guys don't like to look like a fool or express embarrassment over anything. If your crush is constantly telling you about that 'one time he got really embarrassed', well that is absolutely a sign he is interested in you!

4 Constantly Trying to Get Your Attention

Are you hanging out with your friends and he is constantly trying to get your attention? Does he want to sit near you all the time? Does he really listen to you? Well girls, that's a sign he is interested and wants to get to know you more!

5 He Teases You

This actually goes hand-in-hand with #4. If he is constantly trying to get your attention and constantly teasing you, it's totally a sign that he's into you girls! So tease him back a little bit and see where it gets you!

6 Compliments You Constantly

Do you hear that you are beautiful or that you look really pretty today from him? Well girls, if he is constantly finding some type of way to compliment you, it could be one of the many signs he is interested in you!

7 Introduces You to His Friends

A guy doesn't typically like to expose his crush to his friends unless he really, really likes her. After all, why meet the friends if the guy thinks the relationship is going nowhere? So girls, if you have met his friends, it's definitely one of the signs he is interested in you!

8 Invites You over

Finally, if he is inviting you over to his place all of the time, it could be because he wants to find an excuse to get you alone so he can get to know you!

There you have it girls, my top signs he is interested in you! Do you have anymore signs he is interested in you to watch out for? Any advice to give us girls with crushes?

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Ok so I really like this guy but only my friend knows. I want to know if he likes me back because if he did I would totally wanna go out with him! He talks to me a bunch when he's not messing around with his friends and I think he even flirts with me sometimes. We joke around a lot and last year in math class I sat behind him so I would always mess with his good cause he hated that. But this year I'm not behind him and one of the things he said was that I couldn't mess with his good. Do you tlikes he likes me? If so what should I do? I want him to ask me out or ask for my number. Oh yah. We dont live in the same town sO all summer I missed him....... Thanks!!!!!!!

Just need some advice... I've been talking to this guy for about 5 months about once a week (when he works). it wasn't until 2.5-3 months ago that we started chatting of FB and then progressed to texting. Anywho, we talk ALOT during work (my co-worker jokingly calls him my husband), and i invited him to come hiking with me a few days ago and he did. The night before he was at a party and started texting me and we talked for a little while. Then the following moringin i woke up to 4 texts from him because he was unsure of the meeting time for our hike. During our hike we talked a lot but he seemed so much more serious then he is at work. At work he's obnoxious and always trying to get my attention. I really like him, but i'm wondering if there is any potential to become something more than friends here. You would think that by my sophomore year in college-i'd be able to figure this flirting stuff out... Thanks!!

@Heather Jensen I need some help with this guy at school, he is in one of my classes and we always make eye contact and he always stares at me when im talking to other guys around him... We only really talk some and it's really short but he always seems to go where I go also he has a lot of girls who like him so idk... and idk what to think!! Help:)

help: I've been talking to someone for 2 1/2 months. I'm 21 and he's 31, so there is an age difference. We're just getting to know each other. Yes, he's a lot older but he know what he wants, has his life in order, and I like that. I just don't know if he's interested. His aunt and I are good friends and she told me that eight years ago he was in a serious relationship but the chic ended up hurting him (he doesn't know that I know). He is just really confusing: (1)he's told me he doesn't want to be in a relationship three times. I'm cool with that I appreciate his honesty. Than he's told me twice I've came along and he doesn't want to miss this opportunity and wants to see where it goes. Our work schedules are a bit crazy I work second and he works third and he's even told me that he'd switch to second because he doesn't want to miss out. (2)Everything was going good we were talking good and everything but now I just feel like its fading. We talk maybe twice a week. Twice he's asked me why I hadn't texted him or called him. (3) I did ask him why he was talking to me and he told me it was because I was different...there have been times that get old me wished I was there with him wherever he was (Club etc). (4)We've meet four time once at his place (he didn't try anything he's a very respect gentleman) and I am shy when we meet but I do talk to him. He has complemented me all four times that we've been together. He's really nice. Im just confused about all this. This may sound bad but guys usually my age are "straight up." I wish he was too. He's not going to hurt my feelings, and I've told him that before I'd rather him be honest then not to be. I'm cool with whatever happens... Sorry if this is confusing. Should I say something because honestly I'm just waiting for him to say something... Honestly to end it.

Hi Heather, There is this guy I like but can't tell if he likes me back . He teases me playfully a lot and doesn't do that with other girls in my school . he calls my name a lot to get my attention and always has a smile on his face when e does that.He calls me a cute nickname now . I just laugh and respond causally but it's hard to try to flirt with home . How can I tell if he likes me back ?

Could you do one for 'how to make the first move'? I've noticed all of these and now we are going out. But I'm still a bit too shy to try to do something as simple as hold his hand! That kind of thing could really help me!

Hey there. There is this guy that I've known for about 4 years now. I'm a junior in highschool and so is he. We ended up dating for like a month back in junior high and then he moved. Well now were both at the same high school again and we've been talking recently. I remember at the beginning of the year at the football game he was standing at the front of the stands and noticed me and stared at me as I walked by. I smiled back and decided to go talk to him. We've kind of had an on-and-off talking thing going on. I know that he'll notice me if I look cute that day or if I run into him in the hallway. But anytime we talk it always gets flirty. However usually I always have to text him first. He is a big flirt and maybe that's why I'm falling for him again. I ended up asking him to homecoming and he said he couldn't go. But then he showed up with a date who was a sophomore. They ended up dating but they're over now. I'm just wondering if I'm just an option to him? I'm not letting him walk all over me and if he decides to ignore me one day then I'll act like he's not worth my time. But somehow I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see him and I hope it can turn into something more. I want to know if he maybe feels the same way. Whenever I run into him he'll wink at me or smile. He always gives me those super right hugs and doesn't let me go for a while or he'll mess with me and get playful with me. This is just super confusing and I don't really want to wage my time chasing after something that isn't worth it.

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