Top 15 Body Language Signs to Watch out for when Flirting ...


Top 15 Body Language Signs to Watch out for when Flirting ...
Top 15 Body Language Signs to Watch out for when Flirting ...

Body language is something that everyone has a problem reading, especially body language when flirting. Have you ever been flirting with a guy and think that he is really into you, only to find out he isn’t? Well, I’ve got the inside scoop on how to read body language when flirting and how you can tell that he’s really into you! Below are the top 15 body language movements to watch out for!

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Eye Contact

Girls, if he is making complete and total eye contact with you a lot, then it is definitely a top sign of his body language when flirting! Don’t you tend to make eye contact when you’re flirting? It’s the same for guys! So the next time you see a guy trying to catch your eye, flirt right back!


Maintaining a steady gaze can signal a strong interest in what you have to say and an even stronger interest in you as a person. However, it's important for the eye contact to feel comfortable rather than intense or piercing. A soft gaze with a few longer, lingering looks can convey affection and intrigue. Additionally, if he combines eye contact with a warm smile, it's like a one-two punch of flirting cues, signaling that he's genuinely enjoying the interaction and wanting to connect on a deeper level.



Smiling is always a good sign and it’s definitely one of the body language movements to watch out for! If he’s smiling at you, there’s a good chance that he thinks that you are cute and does want to approach you. So why not show him your confidence and approach him first?


When a man smiles at you, it often means he's genuinely happy in your company. Look for a smile that reaches his eyes, creating little crinkles at the corners—sometimes referred to as crow's feet—because this is a telltale sign of a sincere smile. More than just an act of politeness, when his smile is wide and shows his teeth, it's a subconscious signal of attraction and openness, inviting you to engage further. So flash him a dazzling smile in return and pave the way for a warm interaction.


Teasing Glimpses

Have you ever had a guy that kept stealing glances at you? How about a guy that kept being coy with it and trying to catch your eye without ever really doing it? Well ladies, that is one of the body language signs that you absolutely have to watch out for!


These sneaky peeks are more than just casual glances; they're a playful game of cat and mouse where his eyes dart towards you only to veer away the moment your gazes nearly intersect. It's as if his eyes are flirting, sending a clear message that you've caught his attention. The subtlety of this move is intriguing, and often, it's designed to arouse curiosity and build intrigue. So, if you catch him in the act, it might just be the green light you've been waiting for to signal your own interest.



Do you constantly find your crush all up in your business and really close to you? That’s another top sign to keep in mind. After all, why would a guy want to be super close if he’s not flirting?


If your space seems to be his favorite spot to linger, that's a bold hint he's into you. When a man is drawn to you, he'll unconsciously lean in when you speak, mirror your movements, or casually find ways to close the distance. Notice the small acts: a gentle touch on the back, brushing arms while you both reach for something, or playfully picking lint off your sweater. These subtle invasions of personal space aren't accidental; they're his non-verbal ways of saying he's interested and wants to be near you.


Head Tilts

Did you know that the way a head tilts can actually signify that the boy likes you? Well girls, it can! If he tilts his head toward you, it means that he is really listening to you. It also means that he is really attuned to what you are saying and trying to make sure that he captures every word!


A subtle tilt of the head may also be his subconscious way of exposing his face to you, which signifies trust and vulnerability. It's a non-verbal cue that he's open and receptive to you. Plus, if you notice he occasionally inclines his head when you're speaking, it's as if he's literally lending you an ear, emphasizing his focus is solely on you. So next time, pay close attention to this gesture - it's a silent but telling sign that he might just be into you.


Coy Hiding of Eyes

Hiding your eyes is a coy trick that a lot of girls play when they are flirting, but it’s also a trick that a lot of guys play! If your crush is hiding his eyes from yours, but you constantly catch him looking at you, it’s a clear sign of flirtatious body language!


This sly little dance of eye contact can be quite tantalizing, as it builds intrigue and a hint of mystery. When he masks his gaze, only to steal glances when he thinks you're not looking, it's a telltale flutter of interest. Think of it like a playful game of peekaboo — except with grown-up rules. And let’s be honest, sometimes a veiled look can speak volumes more than a direct stare. The hidden eyes tease and entice, suggesting there's more to be discovered if you're willing to play along.


Dilated Pupils

Believe it or not, our eyes can even give us away when we don’t want them to. If you notice that your crush’s eyes keep dilating, well girls, that’s definitely a sign that he’s interested in you and everything that you have to say!


When someone is attracted, their pupils naturally dilate as an unconscious response to excitement or pleasure. It might be subtle, but if you're looking for clues, pay special attention when you're in a well-lit environment, where dilated pupils aren't just a response to low light. Alongside all the playful teasing and gentle touches, those wide, sparkling eyes could just be the window to his heart, revealing that he's truly captivated by you. So, next time you're chatting it up with your potential beau, take a peek into his eyes — they might just be spelling out his interest for you.


Mirroring Technique

Do you ladies do this? Do you mirror every action that your crush does? For instance, he stands with his hand on his hip, so you do the same. He is laughing so you laugh too. It’s natural for us to mirror something that we like and if you notice that from your boy, it’s probably because he likes you!


Mirroring someone’s body language is a subtle yet powerful way to show interest and build rapport. It can start with simple gestures, like sipping your drink at the same time or adopting similar posture, but can be more pronounced with matching speech patterns and energy levels. This nonverbal mimicry signals that you're on the same wavelength. Be sure to keep it natural, though; overdoing it can seem insincere. If you catch him copying your actions, it's a good sign he's tuned into you and may indicate he's flirting back. Keep an eye out for these synchronizations—they’re silent signals of attraction!


Keep an Eye on the Hands

When I’m nervous or when I like someone, I fidget. Do you girls do that too? Well, it’s a sign that you like what you see and that you are nervous! It’s not a bad nervous either, it’s all about anticipation. So girls, next time you see him fidgeting, it’s probably because he is nervous to talk to you!


Fidgeting isn't just about being antsy; it's often a subconscious way to release that built-up energy. Watch for him playing with his watch, tapping his fingers, or even messing with his hair. He might not even realize he's doing it, but these small movements can signal big interest. If you're feeling that special spark too, why not flirt back with a bit of your own hand playfulness? Touch your necklace or twirl your hair to send those flirty vibes right back at him!



Are you constantly playing a game of footsie with your crush? That’s a huge sign that he likes you! A guy doesn’t just brush his foot against a girl for no reason at all.


Footsie is a subtle form of flirting that involves two people lightly touching their feet together in a playful manner. It is typically done as a sign of interest and can be a great way to initiate a flirtatious conversation. Footsie can also be used to show affection and can be a great way to show your crush that you like them. It is important to be aware of the other person's feelings when playing footsie, as it can be interpreted as intrusive or uncomfortable if done too aggressively. Additionally, it is important to pay attention to your body language when playing footsie, as it can be a great way to communicate your feelings without saying a word.


Raised Eyebrows

Some people might hide their eyes when they’re around someone they like but some also keep their eyebrows slightly raised! Another sign to look out for are sparkling eyes or eyes that are widened. This is one of the subtler body language signs of flirting, but if you start to look for it, you’ll see it!


When someone raises their eyebrows in your presence, it’s like a subconscious highlighter that they're intrigued or captivated by you. It's akin to them opening a window to their emotions, creating a sense of curiosity and excitement. This eyebrow lift, coupled with a softening of their gaze, makes for a powerful combination. Pair this with a gentle nod or tilt of the head, and you've got a pretty clear indicator of flirtatious vibes. Just remember to gauge the situation as a whole; these are pieces of a larger puzzle of attraction.


Touching You on Accident

It’s no secret that when someone touches you, it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re flirting with you. But touching someone “on accident” is another sign. He’s obviously trying to get your attention or find an excuse to talk to you, so if you feel the same way, do it back!


Accidental touches might show up in the form of a gentle brush against your arm, a tap on the shoulder, or their hand grazing yours as you reach for the same object. Often, it seems like mere coincidence, but if you observe a pattern or repeat instances of these 'accidental' encounters, there’s a good chance they are intentional and a subtle test of your personal comfort level with them. Listen to your own reactions to these touches; they can reveal much about your interest. If you welcome the contact, a smiling acknowledgement can encourage more direct interaction.



When we think of someone blushing it’s typically a girl, but actually guys do it, too!

Blushing is a bodily function that a person usually can’t control and it’s a good sign that this guy is really into you and can’t hide it!


Blushing is an adorable and genuine reaction that often accompanies a heartfelt compliment or an intimate moment. If you notice his cheeks turning a rosy hue, it's a clear giveaway of his affection. This involuntary response is caused by a rush of adrenaline, which is the body's way of reacting to a situation that makes one feel exposed or excited. So the next time you catch him blushing, it's a subtle, yet powerful indication that he's feeling more than just casual interest. Embrace the moment, as it's a silent language of attraction that speaks volumes.



Anytime someones smiles and giggles around you a lot, there’s a possibility that they’re flirting with you. I mean, you wouldn’t find yourself smiling and giggling around someone you had lukewarm feelings for, right? Maybe he likes to crack jokes to try to make you smile or he just can’t control his giggle fits. Either way, it’s a sign to watch out for!


Often, giggling is paired with other subtle signs such as playful teasing and innocent touches. If he's constantly finding ways to lightly touch your arm or brush against you while sharing a laugh, it's likely no accident. Pay attention to whether his laughter seems genuine or if he's laughing even at your not-so-funny anecdotes—because that could very well mean he's into you and enjoying your company more than he can express in words. Remember to observe the context; if his mirth seems out of place, he's probably trying to show you that just being around you makes him happy.


Hands on Hips

Did you know that standing with the hands on the hips or placing thumbs in the belt loops are seen as a guy’s way of showing you he’s macho? If a guy is interested in you, he might strike one of these poses to show you he’s manly and that he’s interested in you!

There you have it, ladies! The top 15 body language signs that you’ll need to watch out for if you suspect he’s flirting! Not only are these signs proof that he likes you, but maybe it’ll make you more aware of your body language too! So girls, what body language do you use when you are flirting?

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I think this advice is strange coming from someone who is gay. I wouldn't dare offer gay dating advice since I'm not gay. I don't have the experience of thst dating world and to produce and publish something would be disengenuous. So why then, should we tolerate Heather's advice? Isn't hers vicarious at best?

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