7 Ways to Keep Yourself from Going Back to an Ex ...


Sometimes we think that going back to an ex is the best thing to do. You all have broken up, but something is still there. You just feel it. You want it. You want it back. It seems as if nothing good can come in life unless you are with them. These few points will help you see why going back to an ex is not always the best option.

1. Question the Break-up

How did things really end? Don’t sugarcoat anything. If the relationship was no good, it was no good. Reentering it could spin your life into a bad cycle. You have to ask yourself if, is really worth it? If the answer is no, then you may want to reconsider going back to an ex.

Don’t Forget the Bad Times


Heather Jensen
@Lipikak, it's all up to you! :) How do you want to act around him?
What to do when you see your ex every day? Should I smile at him genuinely and be friends with him or ignore him and walk by?
I have been debating getting back with my ex and this article has really helped me not do that. Thanks!!
Best post ever
Totally agreed !
Zaara Ganai
Very true...need to be implemented.!
Vivian Chen
Really gotta send this to one of my friend immediately.
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