10 Ways to Recover from a Break up and Move on with Your Life ...

By Kiley

10 Ways to Recover from a Break up and Move on with Your Life ...

We all know break ups are not easy thats why I am writing about ways to recover from a break up. Whether you are the dumper or dumpee, it is all emotionally draining, One main thing I want to tap in to is being single is not a bad thing. If anything it is super empowering. Being single is a time to really figure yourself out, and know the things you like and don't like. Being able to stand on your own to feet and be okay with it is what will lead you in to your next healthy relationship. It sounds cheesy, but keep the quote "once you love yourself, then someone else can more" in mind. I hope these ten ways to recover from a break up will help ease the transition from girlfriend to single woman.

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Delete the Person from Your Life

I know reading this you are most likely thinking, "you are crazy!" and that is because it sounds impossible. But here's the thing, this really is one of the most important ways to recover from a break up. Do you really want to be sitting in bed stalking your ex on social media just to see how happy he is or if there are other girls in the picture? Answer is no. Go ahead and un-friend, block, do whatever you need to do to separate yourself. No matter how much you want your ex to see you out and about living life, it's not fair to him either to rub it in his face. It's hard to go right to the friend-zone after a break up anyway, so maybe one day in the future you can hit the "add friend" button again. When it comes to the phone delete his number, text messages, photos, etc. Otherwise you are way to tempted to contact him out of a moment of desperation or drunkenness.


Don't Be Alone at Home

Sitting at home alone when you're sad is never a safe situation. Plan ahead with friends different movie nights or dinners just to make sure you have company. More than likely you are going to be in sweat pants and The Notebook mode so make sure you keep your close girlfriends around to listen to you cry and word vomit twenty-four seven. Being sad with someone comforting always makes people feel better.


Go out and Socialize Often

After a break up no one ever feels like painting the town red, but the moment you throw on some heels and lipgloss that all changes. It is always good to get some fresh air and have some fun. Meet new people, meet a new rebound, and go dancing. More then likely people can relate to the fact you are going through a break up and usually try to make your nights more fun then average!


Hit the Gym

We all know endorphins are an automatic win in this whole scenario. Besides that, working out will take care of all that Ben and Jerry's ice cream you have been eating, get your body in tip top shape, and give you an outlet for all the emotions you are having. Switch up your routines between a nice hike in nature, to a cardio kickboxing class. Side note, it always feels good to make your ex miss what he had.


Rebound Person

This one is tricky because a rebound only works for the type of person you are. If you are someone who attaches to another easily I would recommend skipping it. If you are someone who can keep your emotions in check and stay detached then go for this option! Make sure who ever is this rebound they understand their role. It's not fair to play with someone else's emotions. Keep in mind a rebound is a fleeting fun moment, not your next relationship to jump into. It is important to enjoy being single!

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli

Spa Day

As girls, everyone loves a good mani/pedi, massage, facial, any type of spa treatment for that matter. If you are on a budget don't go out and blow hundreds of dollars on everything! Pick one thing that sounds the best to you and treat yourself. You can check out a lot of coupon sites for places having deals on treatments, or even find a massage school that has discounted rates. Where there is a will there is a way.


TAKE up a New Hobby

Being single is the perfect time to take up a new hobby. With the free time you will have, and how hard it is going to be to not call your ex, hop on Pinterest and find a new activity to do. Maybe you are a chef and didn't know it, or making jewelry is a hidden talent you have. Whatever it is, try something new, even invite a girlfriend to join you, and throw yourself into as many projects as you can. Spending your time being productive feels better, and simply is better than moping around all day and night.


Have a Good Cry

With all these ways to move through a break up, this may be one of the most important one! Don't deny that this is a painful situation. Make sure you recognize the break up and give yourself the okay to grieve about it. You're separating from a friend, maybe a best friend, and losing a companion. It is a hard thing to deal with so being an emotional wreck is absolutely okay in my book. Just know all these other ways are there to help ease the pain and not keep you stuck in this phase forever.


Go on a Vacation

This option is more of a luxury suggestion. Not everyone can up and go on a vacation, but if the opportunity presents itself take it. Whether its an impromptu trip to Europe, or a weekend away at a friend's beach house, take yourself away from everything. Vacations are automatic fun.


Turn off All Electronic Devices

I know this sounds scary, but it is one of the best feelings. Sometimes when my day is just too much. I like to disconnect from the world and turn everything off. It's a great way to focus on myself and know I don't have to keep looking down at my phone to see who called. Go back to the stone ages of just trusting the world goes on with out having anything electrical on. This recovery idea is great for when you just want a day alone.

I hope you find these ways to recover from a break up helpful to your situation. Always keep in mind what you are feeling won't last forever, it too shall pass. Focus on having fun, learning about yourself, and realizing maybe something better is in store for you, Hold on to all of that and you will be sailing through post break up sadness.

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It's only been two days since the break up... I was with my boyfriend 3 years. I'm no where near ready to do any of these things. I have the support of my family but no friends, he was all I had. I'm so depressed, I feel like I'll never get over the hurt.

What if you\'re in love ?

Rebound & crying are the perfect ones!

I\'ve tried it all, but it gets harder everyday

Don't worry it gets easier


I tried unfriending an ex on Facebook and he just got mad. Maybe if you weren\'t friends to begin with you can unfriend him,but if you have the self-control to avoid going on his page ever then I don\'t see what\'s wrong with keeping him on your friends list.

my soulmate (his words) of 7 years broke up with me 3 months ago and I'm still not ready for this, I don't kno if I'm ever going to feel happy again. I would rather feel numb than this.

It hurts kinda...