7 Tips to Help You Get through a Heartbreak ...


7 Tips to Help You Get through a Heartbreak ...
7 Tips to Help You Get through a Heartbreak ...

Friends and family are the key components to get through a heartbreak. At some point, you need to also rely on yourself. Never be ashamed for what you are going through, and NEVER be afraid to ask for help when needed. Below are some tips to help you get through a heartbreak.

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Unfollow Him

If you truly want to move on and get through a heartbreak, you need to unfollow him on every social media outlet. You need to cut off all ties so you can mend your heart and realize you don’t need him. Watching him post pictures of his nights out and new girlfriends will be heartbreaking and that much harder to move on. Make it easier on yourself and just click the unfriend or unfollow button on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you could see updates of his life.


Don’t Be Afraid to Cry

That’s right, ladies … cry it out! If you need to cry for a week straight, do it. Holding it in will just make it worse and prolong the process of getting over him. If you need to call your girlfriends and cry and vent, then do it. This will help you get all your emotions out and realize he wasn’t worth all those tears.


Find Something to Take Your Mind off of Him

And I don’t mean another guy! Find something to do that gets you out of the house and your mind away from HIM! This can be working out (show him what he’s missing!) or a new hobby like painting. Pick something that will help your mind relax and bring your confidence back.


Vent to Your Friends and Family

This is when you need your friends and family the most so take advantage of this. Chat with them about how you’re feeling and your daily struggles with moving on. Having girls' nights can be the best therapy, so ask your friends for their best advice. A good friend will be there to listen and make you feel like you’re not alone.


Make a Plan

Focus on moving on by making yourself a year plan. Write down all the things you want to accomplish in the next year or so and stick to it. Do all the things you’ve wanted to do but just haven’t had the time. If that guy ever held you back from your dream, go run after it now and show him you don’t need him.


Talk to a Professional

If this was a really bad breakup with the guy you’ve been with for years and years and you just can’t seem to understand, talk to a professional. There is nothing wrong with consulting in professional help if you are having a hard time. They will never pass judgment or be biased to the situation so you know you will get the best advice there is.



This is the most important step in the process of moving on. At some point, you need to accept the fact that it is over and will not work out. Harsh reality is sometimes the best for getting over a heartbreak. The breakup might have been the best thing for you and realizing that it wasn’t going any further is just a natural process. Sometimes it takes people too long to realize and they just bury themselves further and further. Make this a MUST for you and ask for help from those around you.

Don’t be ashamed ever of a breakup, which led to a heartbreak. You need to realize that this happens to all of us. Whether you were with the guy for 3 months or 15 years, it can always be hard. What is something you’ve done to get over a heartbreak?

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If you need to cry, you need Ben & Jerry\'s. ❤️

It took me almost 2 years to get over from 9 month relationship damn but i read this single woman book n it changed everythng n now wen i look back i feel like that breakup was d best thing eva hapnd to me .... So ladies jus rememba things happn fo a reason n wateva happns happns fo d best... He wasnt worthy nyway

Words to live by...

All this helps

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