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7 Ways to Maintain Privacy in Your Marriage and Keep Others out ...

By Alicia

I can help you with ways to maintain privacy in your marriage. Believe it or not, I am very private about my personal life. I can talk, chat and write but what really, really goes on in my marriage and family life is private and I know how to keep it that way. Therefore, I am a good person to help you with ways to maintain privacy in your marriage.

1 Don’t Share the Details

One of the best ways to maintain privacy in your marriage is to not share the details of it. This one tip is unbelievably simple but you wouldn’t believe how many women don’t follow this. If you don’t tell others what is going on in your marriage then they won’t know. Learning to keep details to yourself is a very important skill in helping you have privacy in your marriage. It is fine to go to a trusted friend if you need to talk, but it is also very important to be selective.

2 Don’t Talk about Private Things in Front of Others

Not only should you not talk about private things in your marriage with others but don’t talk about them in front of others. My husband and I are both agreed on the fact that there are a lot of things that we only discuss when we are alone. While we love our friends and family, we know we don’t need to share everything. That is better for us and for them. It is a tip you can use in your marriage to help you maintain privacy, too.


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3 Don’t Fight in Front of Others

This tip is a very important one and another one my husband and I follow. We do not fight in front of others and I highly recommend you don’t, either. The quickest way to give others a door to your privacy and your marriage is to let them see you disagree. If something comes up we differ in opinion on when we are with others, we quickly shelve it till later. It will keep, believe me. Not only does this protect your privacy and the image of your marriage but it makes your marriage healthier, too.

4 Be Ready with a Kind but Evasive Answer

You know, let’s just face it. There are some nosy people in all of our lives. They ask when you are going to have a baby, go back to work or lose the 10 pounds that you are secretly trying so hard to lose. Don’t allow them to catch you off guard. If you know that you are going to be around someone who asks these nosy questions, be ready with a kind but evasive answer.

5 Know when to Change the Subject

Sometimes, it is just better to change the subject than allow one to go on that is heading into your business. Ask whoever is trying to get in your business where they got their lovely top or if they have seen a recent movie. Sometimes this will work. You can even tell the person you would rather not discuss a subject. It isn’t rude to say this if you say it kindly.

6 Turn the Question

Don’t be afraid to turn the line of questioning back on people that are trying to invade your marriage and your relationship. If they ask you a nosy question, turn it back and ask them one. Chances are they will be caught so off guard, you will be completely off the hook in answering them. After a while, people will learn that your marriage is not a topic open for discussion and give up. Just be patient while they adjust.

7 Be in Agreement with Your Partner to Maintain Privacy

Your marriage is worth protecting but these strategies work much better when you are both in agreement about what does and does not need to be kept private. A lot of people can reach an easy agreement by having a conversation. A lot of couples are fortunate in that they agree without much discussion at all in what they do and don’t want to share. Once you have reached an agreement, you can relax and know that there isn’t much anyone can do to invade your privacy. That is a wonderful place to be at in your marriage.

It is difficult to maintain your privacy at times as a married couple when nosy people would like to pry their way in. How have you managed to keep privacy in your marriage? I would love to know how you make this work!

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