Awesome Ways to Make a Road Trip Romantic ...


Awesome Ways to Make a Road Trip Romantic ...
Awesome Ways to Make a Road Trip Romantic ...

You might be surprised to find that there are several ways to make a road trip romantic. We’ve probably all been on road trips before, but it would be equally fair to assume that these road trips were probably with a group of friends, rather than with partner! A good old fashioned road trip is something of a coming of age tradition for young people, and they can stay fun all the way into full-blown adulthood. However, whilst trips taken with your besties are filled with fun, too many snacks and too loud music, when you go on one with your bae, you might want to make things feel a little bit more romantic, right? Well, we’ve got just the list of tips that can help you achieve this. Here are the best ways to make a road trip romantic.

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Pick a Good Car

Choosing the right car is one of the most important ways to make a road trip romantic. If you are doing a proper road trip with a rental car, then make sure to pick one that is built for comfort and practicality, something that won’t cause annoyance and arguments along the way. You want something with lots of leg room, lots of storage and one that will leave you with plenty of money left over for treats along the way. Of course, the dream car for a road trip is cool old fashioned convertible, so if you can budget for one of those, then go for it!


Pick the Right Stops

Check out your route in advance and pick out stops that are going to be good for encouraging romance. You want to find places that are super picturesque, and when it comes to sorting out places to stay for the night, when you are aiming for high romance, the cheapest, dirtiest motels just aren’t going to cut it! It’s worth spending a little extra on accommodation to keep up the loving atmosphere because there is nothing like a cockroach or two to ruin the mood completely!


Pack the Right Snacks

Snacking the entire time is pretty much a given on a road trip, so when you are trying to stay romantic, you don’t want lots of junk food that is going to make you feel bloated and gassy! Pack more demure foods like fruits, nuts, chocolate and seeds to graze on in the car, and then when you find restaurants along your route, go for foods that are well-known aphrodisiacs!


Make the Perfect Playlist

Music is an integral part of any successful road trip. When you are with your friends, there is nothing but straight up party bangers to listen to, but when you want the mood to be a little more romantic, you need to come up with a playlist that contains lots of chilled out, laid back music that will help to maintain an air of romance and relaxation for miles and miles. Of course, if you or your partner have any songs that you like to think of as ‘yours’, then go ahead and add those in too.

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