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29 Super Sexy Love Quotes to Get Him Hot ...

By Deeceebee

There are love quotes for every type of love - passionate, romantic, tender, heartbreaking, unrequired, familial... There are love quotes for every occasion from birth to death. some are poignant, moving, or funny. But what about love quotes for those times when you want something steamy, raunchy or smutty? Read on for some lascivious and sensual, but oh so sexy love quotes.

1 No Limits

black and white, text, photography, hand, font,

2 Play

girl, photo caption, blond, hand, long hair,

3 Driving Kiss

photo caption, poster, human, romance, advertising,

4 Real Men

photo caption, poster, album cover, finger, font,

5 Being Bad

text, black and white, font, monochrome photography, photography,

6 Horny

text, font, line, area, brand,

7 A Night in

text, black and white, font, product, monochrome,

8 Bad Idea

text, poster, font, film, action film,

9 Imagination

photo caption, muscle, font, love, friendship,

10 Good Girls

fashion model, photo shoot, leg, thigh, model,

11 Inappropriate

text, photo caption, joint, finger, hand,

12 Nobody else

black and white, text, font, gentleman, monochrome photography,

13 Positions

text, font, line, area, product,

14 Wrong Place

poster, photo caption, font, film, advertising,

15 Touch

text, font, product, black and white, product,

16 Heaven

text, shoulder, muscle, joint, font,

17 Distraction

black and white, advertising, text, poster, font,

18 Passion

text, font, handwriting, line, area,

19 Kiss

black and white, text, emotion, monochrome photography, font,

20 Taste

person, black and white, emotion, text, nose,

21 Rough

black and white, photo caption, emotion, love, album cover,

22 Moan

text, font, black and white, line, handwriting,

23 Masterpiece

muscle, phenomenon, photo caption, poster, arm,

24 Physics

poster, interaction, kiss, album cover, love,

25 Shout It out

text, font, black and white, line, brand,

26 It's Mine

text, font, brand, graphics, logo,

27 Butterflies

text, font, product, line, logo,

28 Turn on

black and white, joint, shoulder, monochrome photography, photography,

29 Morning Sex

text, muscle, font, chest, love,

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