7 Ways to Make Getting over Him Easier ...

By Holly

7 Ways to Make Getting over Him Easier ...

When your crush rejects you or boyfriend dumps you, there are ways to make getting over him easier. The healing process takes time, but there are ways to speed it up a bit. You don’t have to sit around sulking forever. Here are some simple ways to make getting over him easier:

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1 Delete Photos

Get rid of any pictures you have of him. Take photographs off of your wall, change your profile picture, and delete the snapshots saved on your phone. If that feels too drastic for you, you can always email them to yourself and save them somewhere special. In the future, once you’ve moved on, you might want to look back at the fun times you had. But for now, if you’re not going to delete them, at least keep them somewhere you don’t visit often. One of the ways to make getting over him easier is by not seeing his face every time you turn on your phone.

2 Remove His Number

If he’s out of your life forever, why would you keep his number in your phone? You’re not going to use it, unless you drunk dial him one lonely night. It’s best to get rid of it, so that you’re never tempted to call. Of course, some exes remain friends. If you’re planning on keeping in touch with him, change his number from ‘baby’ to his name. You can also explain to him that you want some space, so hold off on your friendship until you’ve healed a bit.

3 Don’t Relive Memories

Don’t sit up at night remembering all of the good times you’ve had. Don’t open up old messages and read them until your eyes fill with tears. The relationship wasn’t all good, or you wouldn’t have broken up. Stop seeing him with rose colored glasses. Remember that your relationship had good moments, but it also had some pretty bad ones.

4 Stay Away

You shouldn’t lock yourself away in your room, but don’t purposefully visit places you know he’d be. If he always gets lunch at the same place at the same time, try not to show up there. You don’t have to spend your life avoiding him, but do you really want to see him right after the breakup? For a few weeks, keep your distance if you can.

5 Write a Letter

People always talk about how important closure is. If you feel like you didn’t get to say some things to your ex, write him a letter. You’re never going to send it to him, so you don’t have to watch what you say. Once you write everything out, tear it to shreds. It’s a great calming mechanism.

6 Avoid Romance

Don’t watch romantic comedies about perfect relationships right after your relationship failed. If you want to forget about your sadness, try watching a buddy comedy or an action film. You’ll be entertained, but you won’t be reminded of your ex. It’s a simple solution, but it works.

7 Don’t Isolate

Alone time is good for a day or two, but don’t stay in your room for weeks without contact with the outside world. Your friends are meant to cheer you up. If you’re feeling down, call them up and go out to dinner. You don’t need a boyfriend when you have such great girl friends!

It’s never easy to move on after the man you adore leaves. Forgetting about him may feel like an impossible task, but you’ll be able to do it eventually. Are you currently trying to get over someone?

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Perfect timing

Nice article. Thanks for sharing!

thanks Dawna Mp

Thank you

Avoid them as much as you can. Remember you're not with him for a reason. Keep strong and the good man that deserves you will come along when the time is right!

am i ready to delete everything? come on maria he refusing you. dont let your tears drop again

😑 it doesn't help the missing part but it's a good way to start

This is really helpful. It's hard not to blame yourself when relationships don't work but you have to remember there is someone special waiting for you. Trust me it's a lot easier said than done. Whatever you do don't blame yourself. Use these tips I wish I had them when I had my heart break. Very good article!!!!

Wow.. Really needed this right now. Thanks!

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