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8 Ways to Show How You Feel without Saying a Word ...

By Heather

Show How You Feel by using a gesture -- using your eyes and using your facial expressions isn't always easy. Sometimes, you might want to flash that look to your man and have him know what you're feeling. I've got the top 8 ways to show how you feel without you having to use a single word! After all, learning to show how you feel without a word is important, especially in a relationship!

1 Facial Expressions

Your face expresses a lot and you might not even realize it! Your facial expressions are actually one of the top ways to show how you feel without you having to say anything. A crinkle of your nose, a roll of your eyes or even just a frown can completely change the way you show how you feel. Keep that in mind ladies!

2 Eye Contact

Eye contact is really important when you're trying to show how you feel. I know when I'm trying to tell the Better Half something, I constantly keep eye contact. It's a great way to get attention and you can actually use your eyes to show exactly what you're feeling. For example, rolling your eyes to express how frustrated or annoyed you are.

3 Hand Gestures

I'm not talking about sign language here, I'm more talking about using your hands to point, to grab attention or even to express anger. You can use your hands in a ton of different ways! Even just a simple gesture of waving goodbye means something!

4 Body Language

Your body language will give away your emotions even more than your facial expressions will! Let's say that you cock your hip to the left or even just slump your shoulders. All of your body language means something and people pick up on that.

5 Clenched Fists

I know when I get frustrated, I clench and unclench my fists. Not because I'm actually going to hurt someone, but because the tension feeds into my frustration. So if you see someone with a clenched fist, they are probably frustrated and it might not be the best time in the world to talk to them!

6 Pursing of Lips

A twist of your lips into a smile, a frown or even just a coy grin all means something. Have you ever seen A Devil Wears Prada? What does pursing your lips mean? Well in their world, it's means catastrophe, but in the real world, it could mean anything from a smile all the way to a faux kiss blown into the air.

7 Wrinkled Eyebrows

When I get really worried or I am really concentrating hard on something, that's when I wrinkle up my eyebrows. Wrinkled eyebrows could mean any number of things though.

8 Throat Clearing

Whenever I hear a funny joke and I'm trying really hard not to laugh, I clear my throat instead. It can mean that you're trying to stifle something down, that you're just clearing out your vocal cords or that you're trying to catch someone's attention. Throat clearing is a great non-verbal cue to use anytime!

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