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Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine's Day on a Students Budget ...

By Kemberly

Do you need some ways to show your love on Valentine's Day on a student budget? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and while Cupid is on the lookout for his next victim, the season of hearts can be a stressful time for students who may not have enough money to woo their significant other. It is a fact that almost everyone spends cash for their loved ones, but this holiday isn’t all about spending gifts and flowers.

Showing your love to someone doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank, specifically for students who have other important priorities other than relationships. So, here are the best ways to show your love on Valentine's Day on a student budget.

1 Spend V-day out

Coupons can surely be a lifesaver for those students who aren’t afraid to try it. There are various sites that boast hundreds of deals for restaurants and activities during this holiday, so the cost of a night out can be cut in half or even more. Movie tickets, paint nights, knitting classes, escape rooms and paintball sessions – such offers are perfect for the Valentine’s Day! Isn't this one of the best ways to show your love on Valentine's Day on a student budget?

2 Spend V-day in

Staying in is the new trend now. If ever you are really out of cash this holiday, you can spend a romantic night at home. Couples can make a meal together at home and set up a candlelight dinner instead of spending money on an expensive dinner out.

Valentine’s Day is not about how much money you spend or the fancy places you go to, it is about showing love and affection to your significant other. Both of you can enjoy each other’s company. For those students who might have a busy class schedule and school to-do list, there are a lot of spots on campus that make for a cute picnic setting. It can be a retreat for both of you from the hectic student life – what more could you need?

3 Spend the V-day without Spending

Students find Valentine’s Day expensive because of the gifts they have to prepare for their lover. However, you have to remember that you can spend the holiday of love with thoughtful presents. It doesn't have to be a fancy box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses.

On V-day, it is the thought that counts. Couples can spend time together in a simple way instead of splurging on gifts. But if you really want to give something, it has to be thoughtful – say, for example, you can surprise her with her favourite candy.

Most women appreciate something thoughtful much more than the material value. While the gift might be something small, it is the thought that counts.

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