7 Mistakes New Wives Make That Can Be Easily Avoided ...


If you are getting married soon or haven’t been married too long, let me give you a heads up on some of the most common mistakes new wives make. It only makes sense that you want to get your marriage off to the right start. These bits of advice can help you to do that if you follow them. Avoid the mistakes new wives make and have a happier, more solid marriage for it.

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Taking out the Trash

One of the mistakes new wives make is taking out the trash. Yes, this is a little thing. But do you really want to take the trash out for all of your marriage? Unless you do, don’t do it the first time. Go into your marriage expecting your guy to do it and most likely, he will.


Taking over the Finances

Taking over the finances and all of the chores that goes along with them is one of the mistakes new wives make. It would seem as if it would be a good thing to handle all of the finances. After all, then you have control, right? It can actually really wear on you after a while. It is usually best to deal with finances as a team.


Begrudging Him Time with His Friends

I really do understand wanting time with your guy as a new wife, and it is very important that you have special quality time together. But it is a mistake if you begrudge him time with his friends. It can make him resentful, which is not good for you or your marriage. A better plan is to make plans of your own when he goes out.


Making an Enemy of His Mom

You do not want to make an enemy of his mom, his brother or his best buddy for that matter. He loves all of his family and friends and while the truth is that most guys would definitely side with their wife if there is a conflict, it is better to avoid that. Go out of your way to be kind to them. They will love you for it. More than likely they will make a special effort to be kind to you in return.


Saying Things You Never Would Have Said before Marriage

You are going to argue after marriage even if you never did before you tied the knot. When you do, don’t allow yourself to say things you wouldn’t have said before you were married. While you can apologize, you cannot take your words back. It is much better to not say them than have to try to repair the damage. Think before you speak, ladies.


Giving up Your Friends

It is wonderful to be so in love and have found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. But you do not want to give up your friends. They still matter to you. You still need them. After all, who else are you going to talk to when issues come up in your marriage? Continue to nurture your friendships.


Stop Flirting

Whatever you do, don’t stop flirting. If you stop flirting, the magic will start disappearing. Many wives think they don’t need to make an effort to keep things fun after the wedding but they couldn’t be more wrong. Flirt when you see each other after work, send flirty texts and just enjoy that fun element of your relationship. It keeps things fresh between the two of you.

These seven things listed are mistakes that new wives commonly make. Now it’s your turn to tell me what you think. What mistakes did you make as a new wife or do you fear you are most likely to make?

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Great advice

Aw I loves this .... Great article

Gals, I've been happily married for nearly 20 years now, and these tips WORK!

Was married for less than a year. But looks like I'm doing almost all the chores at home daily.

Good article. Will keep this in mind when I get married.

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Ha! I wish there was one if these for husbands. Actually just putting husband in there a omitting #1 would b perfect for my man. We're new parents and I'd love to slap him in the face with this article, figuratively speaking.

Thanks I'll keep dem n mind

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