17 Ways to Stay Sexy during a Dry Spell 🤐😖🙏🏼 ...


Don’t kid yourself into thinking you aren’t the kind of gal who will never have to suffer a dry spell. It happens to all kinds of women and sometimes at the most unexpected times for all kindsa’ reasons. You can hope and pray it never happens to you but if you’re in the no sex zone right now, here’s how to cope.

1. Treat Yourself to Some New Toys!

Just because you’re not having sex, it doesn’t mean that you can’t feel maximum pleasure! Head to your nearest adult shop and pick up a couple of new toys to spice things up for your personal times!

Become Reacquainted with Your Own Hands


Yandy.com is a great website to buy sexy clothes; try it if you are willing!
And pink cherry .com is a good place to go for "toys"😉 they are durable, reasonably priced, and come in discreet packaging
Buying new undies helps! It's like a sexy little secret!
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