8 Ways to Tell if You Are Happy in a Relationship ...


8 Ways to Tell if You Are Happy in a Relationship ...
8 Ways to Tell if You Are Happy in a Relationship ...

Do you really think that you are happy in your relationship? Do you know any of the top ways on how to tell if you are happy in a relationship? Believe it or not, a lot of people are in relationships for the comfort of the relationship, not necessarily because they are happy in their relationship. This relationship issue goes on every single day. So, what are some of the ways to tell if you are happy in a relationship? You are in luck, I have those ways below.

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You Feel Good about Your Relationship

One of the best ways on how to tell if you are happy in a relationship is that you feel good about your relationship! Do you constantly feel like it is the right choice that you made by being with your boyfriend? Do you know that you want to be with him forever? Do you get butterflies every time you think about your relationship? That's a good sign girls!


You Look Forward to Spending Time Together

Some girls when they are in a relationship do not look forward to spending time with their partner at all. In fact, they constantly find ways that they can avoid him. If you are constantly looking forward to spending time with your boyfriend and like doing things with him, that is one surefire way to tell if you are happy in a relationship.


You Respect Your Partner

Do you both respect one another? Do you have that mutual respect about your relationship and for each other? That's a huge way to tell if you are happy in a relationship. Believe it or not, a lot of women get themselves into relationships where they are not respected at all. So if you and your partner have that, hold onto it girls!


You Brag about Him

Do you constantly brag about your boyfriend? Now, of course you don't want to over-step anyone and constantly seem like a fan girl of your boyfriend's, but are you proud of the accomplishments that he's done? Are you constantly bragging about his job or how sweet he is? That's a great way to tell if you are happy in a relationship!


You Want to Hear Their Opinion

Wanting to hear your boyfriend's opinion on things is truly something that is rare. A lot of women want to shut their boyfriend out and don't want to hear him speak. If you want to hear him talk and hear what he has to say, it's a great way to tell if you are happy in a relationship! After all, why wouldn't you want to hear your boyfriend's opinion on particular things?

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You Don't Get Too Annoyed by His Quirks

Everyone has quirks, let's admit it, you have them, I have them and your boyfriend has them. If you don't get annoyed by the fact that he stutters or that he eats with his mouth open, then you are definitely happy in your relationship! Of course, there are probably some things that you'll get annoyed with, but if his quirks and his core personality don't make you crazy, that's a good sign!


You Don't Think about Breaking up

When you are in a happy relationship, the thought of breaking up doesn't even come into your brain. Ever. In fact, you probably think the opposite and believe that you two will be together forever. This is a great way to tell if you are happy in a relationship girls, if you can't imagine your life without him!


You Aren't Scared of Losing Him Constantly

Finally, you are secure in your relationship, you don't believe that you'll lose him because you get mad or get into a fight. It's tough girls, allowing yourself to trust someone that much and know that they aren't going to hurt you. If you have that trust that he isn't going anywhere, it's definitely a way to tell if you are happy in a relationship!

Being happy in a relationship isn't something that is super rare, but is hard to hold onto, especially if you've been with them for a while. If you still feel like he makes you have butterflies and makes you feel like the most beautiful person in the world, that's a way to tell if you are happy in a relationship. So, what other ways are out there girls?

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this actually makes me kind of mad. not the article itself, but the fact that it just assumes that all relationships are heterosexual ones. i wish that there was more variety in the entire love section, and that instead of constantly saying boyfriend or "him", saying boyfriend/girlfriend and him/her. not all of us are straight, and lesbians need love advice too

All of these apply to me! I am very happy in my relationship took some rough times to get to where we are now but things are better than ever.

I have been in this relationship a long time. My needs are not being meet should I move on or should I talk with me partner. Or talk with other guys?

This made me sad. Every point telling us about happiness is actually opposite for me. Guess its time to be single again, better than stringing him along I guess.

I thought my boyfriend of 6 months and I were happy but it turns out he had just been miserable for the last 3 months of our relationship. I just don't understand how he could tell me we were fine to saying he doesn't find himself emotionally invested in our relationship...feels like I was lied to I guess. But I do agree with this list, just saying in my case it wasn't a two way street.

Please stop. Just get out there and find someone better.

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