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8 Things to do if You Feel Trapped in a Relationship ...

By Heather

Feeling trapped in a relationship is hard to deal with. You could be trapped in a relationship for tons of different reasons. Maybe you have children together, maybe there are finances to consider, maybe you are scared of being alone. If you're feeling trapped in a relationship, I've got the top 8 things you can do and how you are able to deal with it!

1 Seek Professional Help

When you are feeling trapped in a relationship, it is important to understand why. If you can't figure it out yourself, you might want to seek some professional help. Therapy isn't a bad thing ladies and sometimes, talking to someone that is unbiased and someone who is willing to help you can mean the world!

2 Try to Understand Why You Feel Trapped

Feeling trapped in a relationship is never a good feeling, but you always want to make sure that you understand exactly why you are feeling trapped. Is it because you have children? Do you think that you won't be able to support yourself? Do you not have anywhere else to go? These are all logical reasons of why you could feel trapped, but there are ways out of every situation, you may just need some help.

3 Talk to Him

If you still feel like you want to work it out with him, why not talk to him about your feelings? If you are truly feeling trapped in a relationship, he might not even know it or he might be feeling the same way. Talk to him about it, see what he says and how he reacts! That way maybe you two can work it out.

4 Have a Support Group

Feeling trapped in a relationship does not have to be something that you go through alone. In fact, having a really big support group with a mixture of friends and family is a great way for you to stay afloat and for you to feel better. A support group can also give you a ton of advice!

5 Don't Settle

One thing to remember ladies is that you never want to just settle in a relationship. You deserve so much more and your deserve to be happy. So ladies, if you are feeling trapped, it might be time to walk away before you start to just settle.

6 Know when to Walk Away

Feeling trapped in a relationship is not a good feeling and you have to know when you can walk away, when is a good time for you to say that it is too much. Do you still feel the same about him? Do you think he feels the same? These are a few things that you'll need to consider.

7 Make a Pros/Cons List

Making a pros and cons list of staying with your boyfriend is really a great way to put everything in prospective. It can really bring up some issues you might have and it can even let you see if he is good for you in general.

8 Ask Yourself if You Can Live without Him

Finally ladies, feeling trapped in a relationship doesn't mean you have to break up, but it does mean that you have to have a conversation with your boyfriend or husband. Ask yourself if you truly can live without him. Can you picture yourself without him?

There you have it ladies, there are my top 8 things to do if you are feeling trapped in a relationship. Have you ever felt trapped in a relationship before? How did you deal with it?

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