7 Ways to Tell if Your Relationship is the Real Deal ...


There have been tons of articles written about how you can tell if you found ‘The One,’ but what comes before that is figuring out ways to tell if your relationship is the real deal. There are lots of people out there that get wrapped up in the IDEA of finding the elusive ‘One,’ just like those who are in love with the idea of being in love. But there are always telltale signs to cement the fact that the relationship you’re in will last until forever. Here are 7 ways to tell if your relationship is the real deal.

1. There’s an Unexplainable Connection

One of the earliest ways to tell if your relationship is the real deal comes when you meet someone, and you just click. You can’t explain it, but somehow there’s a connection on every level. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and whatever else something-ally that’s important to you. It’s very, very rare that people come across a connection that they can’t put into words, because those kinds of connections are felt with your soul. I remember watching an interview with Angelina Jolie once, explaining the connection she felt with Maddox, her first child and the first child she ever adopted from Cambodia. Some things in life require no logical explanation; it’s just something that’s felt.

Trust Comes Naturally


hope i get to experience something like that
FA Dot
Everything but trust ugh 😓
we had all the qualities, but of recent I dnt trust him nd we don't communicate good like we use,it so hurt me
@Karen Wiseman, that is such a wonderful love story. Thnx for sharing. :)
@Karen Wiseman That is a great man you have. I can just tell how happy he makes you by reading this.
Suu Suu J
@Candy ditto
Rizzy Xxx
@Karen Wiseman awww that was such a sweet comment :) I wish u a even happier life with u and your family 😊👍 xx
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