What Men Think when They First See You Naked Based on Their Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

What Men Think when They First See You Naked Based on Their Zodiac Sign ...

The general conception is that men are pretty simple creatures who can be characterised by a few simple stereotypes, right? It’s us girls who are supposed to be the ones who have a varied and diverse set of emotions and feelings about everything that happens over the course of a relationship, but let’s be real, that just isn’t true! Take this, for example. You would think that your boyfriend seeing you naked for the first time might elicit pretty much the same response from every guy in the world across the board, but astrology disagrees! Here is what men think when they first see you naked according to their zodiac sign.

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He is always thinking two or three steps ahead, so when he sees you naked, he will already be thinking about that thing he’s going to do to you, after the FIRST thing he’s going to do to you!



More than anything, he will be relieved. Taurus guys are so shy and nervous, they sometimes wonder how they ever are lucky with girls in the first place!


Taurus men are known for their loyalty and dependability. They are often slow to open up to new people, so it may take some time for them to feel comfortable enough to be intimate with someone. Taurus men take relationships seriously and want to make sure they are ready before taking the plunge. They are passionate and romantic lovers who will show their feelings through words and actions. They enjoy physical touch and will take the time to make sure their partner is satisfied. They are often very sensual and will love to explore different ways to make their partner feel special.

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He’ll mainly just be thinking about how to keep himself together long enough to satisfy you, because Geminis can get very, ahem, over excited!

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He will be delighted, but it won’t be everything to a Cancer, because they focus more on what is inside than what is on the outside.


Cancers are known to be highly sentimental and emotional, so they will be delighted to see their partner in the nude. However, they tend to be more focused on the emotional connection between the two of them than the physical aspects, and they often value a strong emotional bond more than physical beauty. Cancers are also known for their nurturing and caring nature, so they will be more focused on making sure their partner feels comfortable and secure in the moment.

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Honestly, he’ll be more concerned with how you are going to react to his body because Leos are very typically self-absorbed!

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He will be trying not to think, or speak, or do anything other than look at you because Virgos are very into living each moment in detail as it comes and not ruining it with extra thoughts.

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He will be trying memorise every inch of you, because Libras are extremely memory oriented. He will want to recover the image any time he feels like it!

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Scorpios can be really insecure, so he’ll probably be thinking about how far out of his league he considers you to be!

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He won’t be thinking anything at all, because the sight of your banging body will be enough to completely shut his brain down!

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He will be making a mental list of all the places that he wants to touch you, because Capricorn guys are more concerned with pleasuring their partner than pleasuring themselves.

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He’ll be freaking out on the inside, but on the outside you will think that he is being as cool as a cucumber!

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He’ll be blown away and thankful that you chose him, because all Pisces dudes possess a little bit of an inferiority complex.

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