What Your Astrological Sign Says about Your Type of Men ...


What Your Astrological Sign Says about Your Type of Men ...
What Your Astrological Sign Says about Your Type of Men ...

Ladies, we already know that our astrological sign can reveal a lot about our personalities. It’s also something to consider when you’re looking for a love match. 💘 Your unique sign can tell you a lot about what kind of guy would be best for you.

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As a Capricorn, you’re hardworking and dedicated at anything you do. A man that can give you the support and encouragement you need is a good choice for you. Look for a man that’s affectionate and giving to balance you out.



An Aquarius woman is one of mystique. This makes you drawn to men that are artistic and creative. 🎭 🎨 It’s the perfect equation for you. You also admire a man with an ‘old soul’ who’s brave and not afraid to stand his ground when he believes in a cause.



As a Pisces, you’re not afraid to chase after your dreams. Your world can also be a big chaotic at times. A man who’s steady and gives your world structure is the right one for you.



You’re a woman that treasures relationships but also likes her own personal space and time if you’re an Aries. Therefore, you need to look for a man that can be committed but also has an element of independence to him. A man who’s clingy won’t work for you.



As a Taurus, you’re known for your passion and stubborn streak. You’re happiest when you have a man as equally passionate as you are, as long as he knows to back down when you’ve got your mind set on something.



Gemini women tend to get bored easily so you need a guy that’s got a spirit for adventure. Life with you is always going to be a bit of a roller coaster and he needs to be able to keep up. 🎢



As a woman of this sign, your heart is easily drawn toward the home life. Your best match is a dependable man who’s looking for a future together rather than something short term.



As a Leo, you have high standards for a man. He needs to be able to show up big or go home. Intelligence and creativity will always score him points with you.



Virgo ladies have to be careful. You’re so giving that it’s easy to fall in with someone that takes advantage of you. But if you’re lucky enough to find a man that reciprocates your devotion, it’s a match made in heaven. 🎆



Libra women love a man with confidence. That’s a great trait for a man to have, just be sure it’s not arrogance. He needs to be able to balance his confidence with a caring nature toward you.



Look for a man that has patience, Scorpio girls. You’re a lovely person with a huge heart but you can also be a bit moody. You need a man that understands that and doesn’t hold that against you.



Life with you is anything but routine. You need a man that’s up for anything since you tend to see life as one long adventure. If he’s one that gets bent of shape easily, move on!

These’re some bits of advice specifically tailored to your astrological sign. What do you think? Does the advice seem right for your love life?

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Spot on for my mom, sister and myself 😂

I am a TAURUS woman!! Ouupss!! Yes I am very passionate and stubborn streak! Well I am being stubborn for some reason, and if I realized I did wrong I immediately say sorry and I dont like to probs in my heart for long so I talked about, and I like straight forward, I dont like busy with others, like do my own thing, I enjoyed pretty much my own company most of the time, I am very independent too! Dont like ppls pity me so I rather work hard! ;) and if I heard someone gossiping me I will come straight to their face! :D oh no yup stubborn. But its good to not holding hates or probs for too long cos its not healthy and you will worried n thinking about it so better talk it out loud ;)

Im a pisces and my type of men arent men, theyre women.

Creative is the way to go.

Capricorn 😉😄😜

I'm Scorpio ☺️👍🏻

Im a Gemini.

I am a Virgo ♍ . The information given for me is very true too.

I agree to my sign 👍

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