Which Sexual Position Should You Try Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...


Which Sexual Position Should You Try Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...
Which Sexual Position Should You Try Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...

Sex is something that is personal πŸ“ƒ to me at least and while I am a Pisces, that matches right up πŸ†™ with my sign. Have you ever been curious ❓ about what positions might match up πŸ‘† with your sign? Here's our list!

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Aries: Reserve Cowgirl

The one 1️⃣ thing that all of you Aries' need to know is that you love, love πŸ’œ control. That means that every single 1️⃣ position that you pick, you like 😻 to be able to control it a little bit. It suits ♦️ your personality best, that's all.


Taurus: Missionary

It's a tried-and-true move and there is a lot of skin contact. You are a sign πŸ’² that is so in-tune with everything around you so the scene that is set 🎬 is going πŸ†™ to be so critical. You want to maybe dim the lights, light up πŸ†™ some candles and set 🎬 the scene. Missionary might be basic, but it allows for kissing πŸ’ and nuzzling.


Gemini: Standing up

You like πŸ’– to switch it all up. You like 😻 to have choices. You like πŸ’™ to really multi-task during sex too, maybe you'll use a vibrator or even masturbate during sex. You like 😻 standing up πŸ‘† though because you can move from wall to counters to couch. You can move all over!


Leo: Doggy Style

You like πŸ’™ to performer. You actually are a little bit like 😻 Sam Jones in SITC. You are not exactly self-centered, but you do like πŸ‘ the idea πŸ’‘ of somebody treating you right πŸ‘‰ and like 😻 a queen. You want your partner to have a really clear view πŸ”¬ of you and you actually like πŸ’™ having sex in front of a mirror.


Cancer: Sitting up πŸ‘† Cowgirl

You're a giver girls! You like πŸ’– to take 🎬 care of someone but also, when things start to heat ♨️ up, your primitive nature 🌡 and animistic side comes out. You like πŸ‘ to be able to read πŸ“™ emotions and that's why this is one 1️⃣ of the best positions for you.


In Cowgirl, you take the reins 🐎, controlling the pace and depth, which is perfect for a nurturing yet dominant Cancer. With your partner sprawled beneath you, you can catch every glance and whisper, ensuring your emotional bond is as synced as your bodies. It's a tender yet no-holds-barred session where you lead with love and passion. πŸ’‘ And let's not forget, in this power-position, you can also show your insecurities the door and let your confidence shine like the moon goddess you are. 🌜✨ Just go with the flow and let your intuition guide you.


Libra: Scissoring

You value a lot of beauty πŸ’…πŸ½ in your surroundings, not necessarily in yourself or your partner. You are not typically the one 1️⃣ that initiates sex. This particular position is great πŸ‘Œ for you because nobody is dominant or passive and it really is all about the view πŸ”¬ for you.


As Libra, you're all about balance and harmony, and the scissoring position mirrors just thatβ€”both partners giving and receiving equally. The interlocking of bodies provides an aesthetically pleasing experience, which is right up your alley. It allows for eye contact, which can be incredibly intimate and a slower rhythm that lets you savor every moment. Plus, you can both take in the sight of each other's bodies, creating a sensual and beautiful connection that resonates with your love for all things beautiful. This position is less about the race to the finish and more about the journey, which is perfect for your sensual desires.


Virgo: Face-to-face, Standing up

Directness is something that Virgos love, they want to be told what to do and typically, the sexual positions are all over the place. You want to ask your partner exactly what you can do, so that you can follow their lead. If you do it in the shower? You'll love πŸ’™ it even more.


Virgos appreciate a partner who can give clear instructions and set the pace, which turns this upright and personal encounter into a perfect match for their analytical minds. Remember to maintain eye contact to deepen the intimacy and trust. Be prepared to engage all your senses, and use the stable support of a wall to explore different angles and depths. This position not only allows Virgo lovers to demonstrate their attention to detail but also satisfies their need for a clean and organized environmentβ€”especially in the hygiene-friendly confines of a bathroom. Embrace the simplicity and functionality of this setup to satisfy your meticulous desires.


Scorpio: Whatever!

You like 😚 to move πŸ†™ around, you typically are a loner, however, deep down? You are passionate with all kinds of emotions. You want everything and you need a little kink mixed in. Blindfolds, handcuffs, all of it!


As a Scorpio, you're all about the intensity and depth of the experience. You're not satisfied with just the basics; you want to dive deep into your desires and explore the uncharted territories of pleasure. With your secretive nature, you'd likely enjoy a position that feels a bit risquΓ© while still allowing that emotional connection you crave. Think outside the boxβ€”a little role play can send the temperatures soaring. Imagine the rush of adrenaline mixed with raw passion as you push the boundaries of your comfort zone in the boudoir. Go ahead, indulge in those deep, hidden fantasies.


Sagittarius: Standing, Downward πŸ“‰ Doggy Style

Your name actually suggests that you are half human and half horse, but that basically can be translated into, you having the spirit πŸ‘» of wild πŸƒ animals. You are spontaneous and love πŸ’ž to switch it up. You really like 😚 doing it somewhere outside and you want your partner to be as into it as you are.


Sagittarius is a sign of the zodiac that is represented by the centaur, a creature that is half human and half horse. This sign is associated with exploration, adventure, and freedom. People born under this sign tend to be independent and enjoy taking risks. They are also known to be passionate, generous, and optimistic.

When it comes to sex, Sagittarians tend to be wild and spontaneous. They love to try new things and explore different positions. Doggy style is a great position for them because it allows them to express their wild side while still maintaining control. It also provides an opportunity to explore different angles and depths of penetration.

For Sagittarians, it's important to have a partner who is willing to experiment and explore with them. Doggy style can be a great way to do this, as it allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of the positions and angles that can be explored.

For an even more adventurous experience, Sagittarians may want to try doggy style outside. This can add a whole new level of excitement and adventure to the experience. The risk of getting caught can make it even more thrilling.


Capricorn: Flat on πŸ”˜ Your Stomach

You require quite a bit more flirting 😏 to feel comfortable πŸ‘Ÿ with your partner, however, once you feel at ease, you are open 🈳 to anything and everything. You prefer to be the passive one 1️⃣ and you like πŸ’œ your partner to be in control.


As a Capricorn, your guarded nature means you enjoy the safety and security that comes from your partner taking the lead. Lying flat on your stomach allows you to relax and let go, offering a sense of surrender that's both exhilarating and comforting. In this position, you can experience a deep connection without the pressure of performance, letting you enjoy the sensuality of the moment. Remember, communication with your partner about your likes and boundaries will ensure that this submissive stance remains both pleasurable and respectful.


Aquarius: on πŸ”› Your Back

You want to show off πŸ“΄ whatever device πŸ“Ÿ you have in your toy box, you like πŸ’™ your partner to watch ⌚ you and you really, really like 😻 self pleasure over anything and everything.


Pisces: Spooning

You are pretty intimate, you like πŸ’š it to be personal, you like πŸ‘ body contact and you might like πŸ‘Œ a little roleplay before hand. You are a sponge for a emotions and you are a pro at reading πŸ“° body language.

So, did I get it right? Did I match it up? Share with me what you favorite sexual position really is!

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