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What's His Body Language Saying?

By Vanessa

Dates are a tricky thing. You spend more time trying to decipher his body language than you do trying to enjoy the meal you’re eating! What does his shoulder lean mean? Why did he arch his brow? It’ll drive you mad! This article will hopefully give you a little more insight into your date’s body language!

1 Closing the Distance

Moving in closer indicates a desire for more intimate contact! So if he inches closer to you while you're talking, you can tell that he wants to get to know you better. It also shows that he's feeling comfortable around you!

2 Speaking Softly

According to Greg Hartley, author of "I Can Read You Like a Book: How to Spot the Messages and Emotions People Are Really Sending with Their Body Language," it's a great sign when a man speaks in a quieter tone. “He’s indicating that what he’s saying is for your ears only,” he says. “If he’s telling you something private or secret, it’s a good thing—guys don’t do that to women they’re not into.”

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3 Rounding His Posture

Guys will usually stand tall to attract women from a distance. But, when a guy is talking to someone that they like close-up, he softens or "rounds" his body language. So, if your date's squared shoulders suddenly cave in, that's a sign that he feels comfortable and secure around you.

4 Eye Contact

If he keeps his eyes on you all night, there's no doubt that he's interested in you. He can't stop staring and noticing how awesome you are! A lingering, heavy-lidded, “Wow, you’re amazing” gaze is a great sign.

5 Arm around You

How many times have you seen the guy flex his arm before putting it around his date? I mean, it's in all the romantic comedies! It's a sure sign that he's into you. He wants to bring you closer and have you feel his muscles protecting you!

6 The Mimic

Did you know that when you're attracted to someone, you subconsciously start to mirror them? If your date mimics your gestures, voice inflections, and patterns of communication, chances are you'll be having a second date. Watch out for these clues!

7 Licking His Lips

C'mon ladies, we all know that this is a universal sign. He's WAY into you! Licking your lips is a sign of anticipation. He probably doesn't want to lose this opportunity with you so let him know where he stands before the night ends.

8 Fixes Your Hair

If he reaches over to tuck your hair behind your ear, that's a good sign. It shows that he wants to touch you and needed an excuse to do it. It's also a sort of test - if you smile, he'll feel like you like him back!

Will you be looking out for these things on your next date?

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