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Which Signals Will Show Him You're Ready for a Kiss

By Holly

You're finally hanging out with your crush one-on-one, but you aren't sure if it's a date or just a casual hang out sesh. Even though you want to blurt out your feelings, you're worried about making a fool of yourself, because you're still not sure if he likes you back. Well, there's no need to worry about being on the wrong page anymore, because you can show him you're interested with some simple body language. Here are some of the simplest signals that'll show him you're ready for a kiss:

1 Rely on the Lips

It's time to look down at his delicious lips. That's the best way to let him know you're interested in a little smooching. If glancing down at his mouth doesn't do the trick, then you can try licking your own lips, or drawing attention to them by applying ChapStick. Making your lips smooth for him should get your point across.

2 Hug It out

If you don't want to be the one to go in for a kiss when you're parting ways, then you can settle for giving him a hug. However, when you pull away from him, make sure that you're still pretty close to him. Lingering close to his lips should be a big enough signal for even the most clueless dude.

3 Lean in a Little

The closer your lips are, the more he'll be thinking about kissing you. That's why you should sit close to him at the movie theater and lean in close when you're chatting at Olive Garden. He'll eventually get the hint.

4 Let Him Know by Lingering

If you're in a romcom situation where he just dropped you off at your doorstep and you're waiting to go inside, let him know you're interested in kissing him by lingering by your door. Haven't you ever seen Hitched? Listen to Will Smith's advice and fidget with your keys, even when things get silent, to show him that you're waiting for him to make his move.

5 Establish Eye Contact

The eyes are the window into the soul, so you can show him how much you like him with your gaze. Haven't you seen the way Ross looks at Rachel? It's completely different than the way he looks at Chandler. So feel free to look at your crush like he's the greatest thing since Netflix. It'll let him know exactly how you feel.

6 Touch His Thigh

It's time to touch him, but not in a we're-just-friends way. Don't give him a high five or punch him in the arm. Instead, squeeze his arm while paying him a compliment or wipe a piece of hair from off of his face. Do whatever you can to heighten the sexual tension.

7 Make the Move Yourself

Anything men can do, we can do better. That means you shouldn't hesitate to go in for the kiss yourself if your crush isn't getting the hint. Some guys are just completely clueless, while others are too shy to go for the girl they want. Either way, you might as well lean in and see what happens.

The best way to show him you're interested is to use a few of these signals at once. Leaning in close after a hug while looking between his eyes and lips is a surefire way to get him to read your mind. Do you have any tips for getting a guy to kiss you?

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