Body Language That Suggests All He Wants is Sex ...

By Holly

A true gentleman is hard to find, especially when you're young. There are plenty of guys who seem like perfect mates, but that's only because they're pretending to be interested in you for your personality, when all they're really interested in sex. If your not sure where your man stands, here are a few body language signals that suggest he's only looking for sex:

Table of contents:

  1. he looks at your cleavage, not your eyes
  2. he stares at other girls in front of you
  3. he touches you sexually instead of sweetly
  4. he always stands a bit too close
  5. he gropes you whenever he can
  6. he always has a bulge in his pants
  7. the way he touches you makes you uncomfortable

1 He Looks at Your Cleavage, Not Your Eyes

When your man talks to you, does he look you in the eyes or is his glance a little further down? It's natural for straight boys to peek at your cleavage, but if your guy respects you, that won't be where he's looking for the whole night, especially when you're trying to tell him something important.

2 He Stares at Other Girls in Front of You

It's fine for him to glance at a pretty girl that passes by or if he looks at your waitress for a second too long. However, if you notice his eyes wander every single time that a female passes by, that's a problem. If he graduates from using inappropriate body language to actually making crude comments about those women, then it's time to leave.

3 He Touches You Sexually Instead of Sweetly

What your man doesn't do is just as important as what he does do. Does he hold your hand when you're watching a movie together or does he always try to touch you between your thighs? Does he ever give you sweet kisses on the cheek, or does he only give you french kisses with way too much tongue?

4 He Always Stands a Bit Too Close

It's normal for him to get close to you on the dance floor or when you're alone together on the couch. However, if he's always on top of you when you're in public, or even worse, around your parents, then he's way too focused on the physical aspect of your relationship.

5 He Gropes You Whenever He Can

How long into the make out session does it take him to feel you up? If he starts grabbing your chest as soon as you lock lips, then he's eager to get to the bedroom.

6 He Always Has a Bulge in His Pants

This one is the most obvious. When you're with your man, does he always have a bulge in his pants? Most of the time, you can view it as a compliment. But if the bulge is there while he's consoling you as you cry or while you're talking about a wart you had removed at the doctor, he's probably paying less attention to your words and more attention to your looks.

7 The Way He Touches You Makes You Uncomfortable

It doesn't matter if he puts his hands on your upper thigh or if he just touches your shoulder--if you're uncomfortable about being touched, then he shouldn't lay his hands on you. No exceptions. If a guy doesn't understand personal boundaries, then there's no reason for you to spend any more of your time with him.

Sometimes, you have to ignore the words a guy is saying and pay attention to his body language. It's easy for him to lie with his mouth, but it's harder for him to deceive you with the rest of his body. What other body language do you associate with an overly sexual guy?

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