Why 🤔 You Should 👌 Kiss 💋 on a First Date 👫 ...


First dates are a big deal, no matter how old you are! Whether you are a teenager just starting out dating, or an adult with more then a few old relationships behind her, the thrill and importance of that very first date with a new guy is always significant. You’ve probably heard the age-old piece of advice that you should never sleep with someone on the first date, but what about kissing? Well, personally, I believe that doing that is integral to the dynamic of the first date experience! Here is why you should kiss on a first date.

1. Chemistry

Feeling the urge to kiss on your first date is a good thing because it means that you have chemistry! The feeling of really connecting with someone and being both physically and emotionally attracted to them is rarer than the movies would have you think, so there is no shame in making the most of it with an early smooch!

Not Taboo