Why You Struggle Being Single According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


Why You Struggle Being Single According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
Why You Struggle Being Single According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

We all have that one friend who never seems to be single, who goes from one boyfriend straight to another because she clearly can’t bear the thought of being alone. If you are thinking right now and can’t come up with a friend who is like that, then it’s highly likely that YOU are that person in your immediate social circle! Not wanting to be single isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as you make improvements with each partner as you go. Here is why you struggle being single according to your own zodiac sign!

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You like to think you are independent, but as soon as you are single, what you realize is that you actually like somebody to boss around!



You are a follower in all aspects of your life, so when you are in a relationship you value having someone who can call all the shots for you.



You are extremely impulsive, and what you like best is when you have a partner who you can show this impulsive nature for in the form of spontaneous surprises.



You hate being single because you thrive on having somebody who you can care for and do things for. You are a natural giver.



You hate being on your own because it leaves you with too much time to start thinking, and a Leo is never as miserable as when they have time to overthink every aspect of their busy lives!



You like to have someone who you can bounce all of your crazy and ridiculous idea off all the time. Some might see it as selfish, but it’s your own way of showing your affection!



You like to feel like you have a partner in crime, someone who is always there to get into trouble with you because you are often finding ways to get into trouble!



Your main problem is that you have a tendency to be jealous of those people around you who are coupled up. Being single brings out the worst in you, and it totally goes away when you have a boyfriend!



You hate the feeling of having no set future, and when you are with someone, you can imagine a future with them in your mind that makes you feel safe and secure.



You are terrible at being single because your low self esteem means that whenever you don’t have a partner, you feel like it is all your fault rather than a joint failure on yours and your ex’s part.



In your opinion, there is nothing more special in life than committing yourself to another person, so when you don’t have that feeling in your life, you feel completely lost.



You tend to be someone who gets down on yourself a lot, so you need a partner in your life to play the role of cheerleader and help you to feel better about yourself on a regular basis.

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