What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals about Why You're Still Single ...


What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals about Why You're Still Single ...
What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals about Why You're Still Single ...

There are loads of reasons a girl could choose to be single, but did you know your zodiac sign might play a part? What does your star sign say about the reasons you're not really waiting around for Mr. Right? Let's have a look.

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hair, facial expression, face, clothing, person, If you're an Aries girl, you're somewhat spontaneous, and you're also energetic, which means it might be tough for you to find a guy who can keep up with you. Where should you look? Find your new sweetheart at the start line of a half-marathon (or a full!) and let him try to keep up with you.



people, man, ceremony, romance, interaction, I'm a Taurus, and this sounds right to me: I'm still single because I'm stubborn and I might also be a little too choosy. We Taurus girls don't date for fun; we're looking for long-term love, so we're picky. And did I mention we're stubborn?



sun tanning, clothing, beauty, swimwear, leg, Oh girl, it's complicated. Your life in general, and also possibly your love life. It's just your nature. And that's okay! Someday, you'll find yourself a soulful musician or sculptor, and you'll be his muse, and it'll be so worth the wait.



, Cancers love easily, and have loads of friends, but unless you find someone who nurtures your soul the way you nurture others, and unless this mystery man can also somehow convince you to trust him, it's not going to go well.



hair, human hair color, eyebrow, face, nose, I wish I had the confidence of a Leo -- though that supreme confidence can mean you're intimidating to men... but why settle for timid men, when somewhere out there is an adventure-seeker who's just as confident and sure as you?



abdomen, Virgos can be very logical and might even over-analyze a guy and a relationship, and there aren't many long-term lovers that can handle that kind of scrutiny.



eyewear, sunglasses, glasses, nose, vision care, Libras love the thrill of the chase, the excitement at the start of a new relationship. So it's going to be hard for a Libra to find a lover who can keep that first-flush fancy going, but when she does... yow...



flower, flower arranging, floristry, plant, dress, Like Geminis, Scorpios can be complicated, but they're also tough to please because they want things their way, and can get into major sulks. This, of course, requires a mate who can feed the princess part of your personality when you need it, while still being easy-going.



human action, face, person, nose, photography, If you're a Sagittarius, you're an optimist, and will start a new relationship with high expectations... which can lead to an awful crash. One day, though, you'll look back over your current relationship and discover you're still thrilled. Is he the one?



human action, person, woman, people, kiss, It's hard for the fiercely independent Capricorn to find a long-term love because, well, you don't need anyone! That's fantastic, of course, but it's okay to learn to rely on someone's support -- there's nothing wrong with having a partner!



hair, clothing, person, eyewear, beauty, You can't help yourself: when someone says or does something stupid, you'll call them on it, usually with more than a little sarcasm. You'll know you've found the guy for you when you can poke at him and not only does he take it, he dishes it right back.



human action, hair, person, nose, hairstyle, Pisces are dreamers, and that's part of the reason they make such wonderful mates. But it might be hard to keep a relationship grounded in reality if you've both got your heads in the clouds...

So... does your star sign's love struggle sound about right to you?

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I'm a cancer and this is so true

Haha I'm a Leo and I only got told this morning that my confidence is probably intimidating. Even though I don't think I'm that confident atall

Omg this is so true

Who are going to accept that libra personality ??😓

Kinda confused with the Sagittarius one .. 😩 hope it's not true lol

I'm Gemini and My Life Is Complicated...

I'm also a Taurus and that sounds about right 😂

ok so does this mean, 2 Leo's are perfect or too similar?

Haha omg im a taurus too, this is so real

Ahahaha the Libra is so accurate! I have dumped people after the thrill of the chase is over.

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