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Wise Words for 20 Year Olds regarding Smart Sex ...

By Holly

When you choose to have sex is your decision, and your decision only. If you're sexually active, it doesn't make you a bad person, just like being a virgin doesn't make you a "loser." As long as you're doing what makes you feel comfortable and happy, then you should be proud of your decisions. It doesn't matter if you've been having sex for years or if you're new to the whole experience, because you could learn something from these wise words for women in their 20s:

1 There Are Different Types of Birth Control Pills

You already know about the importance of using condoms and asking your partner to get tested for STDs. However, you should also be aware of the fact that different birth control pills work better for different women. Before you go on the pill, do some research and have in depth talks with your gynecologist to figure out which option is best for your body.

2 Nothing is Wrong with Your Body

Every woman's body is build differently, which means there's nothing wrong with the way that your breasts or your vagina looks. Unless you have a sexually transmitted disease, nothing on your body will shock the men that you're with. They'll think that you're beautiful, no matter how big or small or lopsided certain body parts look.

3 You Never Owe Him Sex

It doesn't matter if your date bought you dinner and a diamond ring. It doesn't even matter if you two are half-naked in bed. You're still allowed to tell him that you're not ready to have sex. Never let him, or anyone else, pressure you to do it before you're ready. If he can't wait until you're comfortable, then find someone new who actually respects your decisions.

4 You Should Never Fake It

Men aren't the only ones who should be having fun in the bedroom. Once you're sexually active, make it clear that you expect to orgasm as often as he does. Even though a woman's body is harder to please than a man's body is, that's no excuse for him to skimp on touching you in all the right places. Never let him get away with his laziness by faking your orgasm.

5 Sex Wont Make Him Love You

Sex can strengthen your feelings for someone. However, it isn't guaranteed to make a man love you. If your crush decides to hook up with you while he's drunk at a party, he might not even remember the occasion in the morning, let alone want to make you his girlfriend. So before you agree to sleep with someone, make sure you're on the same page about where your relationship is heading.

6 You Should Masturbate More Often

Experimentation is healthy. Even if you don't have a partner to try new things with, you can always have fun with yourself. Masturbation is not only healthy for your mind and body, but it will also help you learn what you like, which will come in handy once you land a boyfriend.

7 You SHould Communicate to Tell Him What to do

Don't expect your partner to be an expert at sex. Even if he's already slept with other women, everyone's body is different, which means it's important for you to coach him on how you like to be touched. Don't be shy. Letting him know what you love and what you hate is an important part of sex.

Sex shouldn't be treated as a taboo subject. It's an important subject for women to discuss, so that they can treat their bodies right. Do you feel like you've been educated enough about sex?

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