17 Guys Admit to Being a Player when It Comes to Sex ...

By Heather

Sometimes, it happens, a girl falls for a guy and he ends up being a player. What happens when a player finally owns up to the reasons why he is a player? Well, that's what we've got below, 17 confessions of a player and what you should really watch out for!

Table of contents:

  1. i lead girls on …
  2. i'm scared of being hurt
  3. only way i feel cared about
  4. i'm lonely
  5. no girls will break me
  6. they love the idea of me
  7. i'm lost
  8. i don't know how to be faithful
  9. i can't stop
  10. i really wanna settle down
  11. i hate myself
  12. no remorse!
  13. girls that are friends
  14. i feel horrible
  15. i love someone
  16. i'm just successful at being a player
  17. i play girls

1 I Lead Girls on …

2 I'm Scared of Being Hurt

3 Only Way I Feel Cared about

4 I'm Lonely

5 No Girls Will Break Me

6 They Love the Idea of Me

7 I'm Lost

8 I Don't Know How to Be Faithful

9 I Can't Stop

10 I Really Wanna Settle down

11 I Hate Myself

12 No Remorse!

13 Girls That Are Friends

14 I Feel Horrible

15 I Love Someone

16 I'm Just Successful at Being a Player

17 I Play Girls

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