You Look Cute when You're Angry: Feisty Things Guys Love when Girls do ...


Don't be afraid to start a fight or to call someone out when they're wrong, because there are feisty things guys love when girls do. Maybe your crush likes the way you flail your arms when you're angry, or maybe he just likes seeing so much passion in such a beautiful girl. Either way, there are a bunch of feisty qualities that men want their girlfriends to have. Here are some of the most common ones that you may already possess:

1. A Blunt Babe

Feisty girls love to tell it like it is. Since so many men are confused by women who say they're "fine" when they're not and make others guess what they're thinking, men appreciate a woman who will just be blunt. That way, he doesn't have to think for himself. He can just be told exactly what he did wrong and save himself the trouble of figuring it out on his own.

A Lively Lady


Why do men like BOSSY women?
Men do love bitches!
peony blue
Sometimes women can take themselves too seriously. relax chillax and enjoy male company
None of this crap.
Chantelle M Webb
I like number 6! I had a massive argument with my bloke because he read my messages on my phone and was making accusations! I was not backing down at all! I proved yesterday i was not lying! Hes no lo...
I like this article. So many people have told me that they wish they were more like me because I stand up for people, and now I know that guys like it to. Great article!
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