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You Will Not Believe Which Parts Men Find Sexually Attractive ...

By Neecey

Is he a boobs man? Does he prefer legs or butts? And then, there’s there obvious part of a woman man find sexually arousing. But what about all those other body parts? You might be quite surprised that when the clothes come off, there are parts of your body where your man wants to focus on.

1 That Sexy Little Bit of Belly Overhang

Don’t you just hate that bit of stomach overhang – aka muffin top? Don’t you hate how it hangs ever so slightly over your jeans? Has it gotten to the point where you feel self-conscious wearing a crop top? Guess what, ladies? Men love that bit on a woman. Many men do not like a hard and flat stomach on a woman because it is very masculine. He likes your sexy belly and the fact it feels soft like a tender bosom.

2 Your Cute and Pretty Teeth

Sink your little white gnashers into his hand, nibble on his arm and chest, bite his lip when you kiss and even chew on his chunky butt. For a man, it is a sexy and alluring thing to do. Sure, he may complain if you do it too often, but a flash of your choppers now and then can help bring out the animal in him. Just try not to smile like a great white shark when you do it.

3 A Woman’s Exquisite Neck

Nuzzling into your soft and sultry neck should - and does - feel great if you are a man. It is all a question of intimacy. Even though he has seen your most intimate parts, a man nuzzling into your neck is as close and intimate as it gets because you are so vulnerable. Your neck is a very vulnerable part, so when you submit and let him kiss, nibble, lick, suck and tickle your neck with his lips and tongue, you are actually being very intimate and showing a lot of trust. Trust is sexy.

4 He Can’t Keep His Lips off Your Hips

The smooth hourglass figure is nice, but the fact is that men fancy a woman’s hips no matter what shape they are. Most men imagine themselves having sex with their partner from time to time, and in his mind, the first thing he grabs are your hips and humps you like a rutting bull (enjoy that animal instinct, ladies!).

5 Your Sweet and Soulful Toes

This is not a weird foot fetish thing. Finding a few toes sexy and being physically aroused by feet are two very different things. The truth is that men find toes, and to a lesser extent feet, very sexy if they are properly cared for and clean. Most men do not know why her luscious toes are so lovable, maybe it harks back to animal instinct, or maybe it is because feet are the things women seem to cover up the most (with the exception of their private parts).

6 Your Foxy and Stunning Shoulders and Back

Running his hands down your intoxicating back and grabbing you from behind to kiss your shoulders and your neck is just about as divine as a bath in a tub of the silkiest oils. For some reason, men find a woman’s shoulders a point of edible beauty, so do not be surprised if men show you a little more attention when you show a little skin on the shoulder. As for your back, it is often very difficult to grow fat on your back that isn’t still smooth. Sure it is possible, but even overweight women tend to have a very smooth back. It is a great place for a man to press his body when he sneaks up and hugs you from behind. It is also connected to your plump and bouncy tush, which is a bonus in his mind.

7 Your Sexy and Silky Tongue

The warm caress of a silky smooth tongue is enough to make a man renounce his religion and start worshipping you. A kinky flick of your tongue on his lips when you kiss is very stimulating, and running your sensitive tongue down his neck and kissing his chest can be very erotic.

Or course all men are different and their little predilections will vary but it’s wrong to assume that it’s only the major sexual areas of your body he is interested in. Have fun discovering and do the favor in return. Which parts of a man’s body, beyond the obvious, do you find sexy?

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