Attention, Ladies: 7 Things That Can Ruin Your Chances with Him ...

Having a crush can be a beautiful experience or a torturous one. It all depends on your mindset (and on how nice your crush is). However, there are a few ways to increase your chances of getting with the guy you like, no matter who he is. All you have to do is avoid these few things that could ruin your chances with him:

1. Assuming You're Not Good Enough for Him

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We always put our crushes on pedestals, but you have to realize that he's a human, just like you. If you think of him as some unreachable superstar, then you're going to assume you don't have a chance with him. If you think that way, then you aren't going to try to get him out of fear of being rejected. You might even overlook the signs he's giving that show he likes you too. So keep your confidence high and know that you're good enough for him and anyone else you meet.

2. Trying to Make Him Jealous by Flirting around

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You want your crush to know that other guys are interested in you, but it's easy to take this idea too far. While it's good for him to see that you have other options, it's dangerous for you to flirt with other guys in front of him. He might get the wrong message and assume that you don't want him.

3. Not Being Yourself

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Don't lie about your interests and your opinions. The right guy for you won't judge you for having a different taste in music. After all, how boring would it be if you liked all the same things and had all the same thoughts?

4. Trying to Move Way Too Fast

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Don't tell him you've dreamt about marrying him when you're on your first date. Strong relationships take time to develop, so take things step by step. You shouldn't discuss baby names after your first kiss, even if he's into it.

5. Texting Him Too Often

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You don't have to wait a half hour to text him back so you look like you have a life. However, you don't want to send him five texts in an hour when he didn't respond to you the first three times. Take it easy or you'll end up looking desperate.

6. Stalking Him Online or in Person

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It doesn't matter if you're following him home or liking every picture on his Instagram. Either way, he's going to be a bit creeped out by your actions. It's fine to do your research, but don't advance into stalking territory.

7. Never Letting Him See the Real You

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When you like someone, you always want to look your best around them. However, you shouldn't cancel plans with him if you have a bad hair day. If you end up in a relationship, he's going to see you when you look messy. You're not perfect, and neither is he, so there's no sense in being embarrassed by your "flaws."

When you find the right guy, he won't mind that you've made a few mistakes. However, to be safe, try to avoid doing these things if you want to land a special someone as your boyfriend. Has a man ever lost interest in you after catching you doing one of the things on this list?

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