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I love the star signs, they are actually my favorite in the world and I love seeing just how accurate these things are compared to myself. I'm a Pisces and I can tell you – this is pretty damn accurate. What about yours? Take a look below and see how the relationship qualities match up girls!

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Aquarius – Independent

The cool thing about this particular sign is that they are not only highly intellectual people, but they are fiercely independent. This is one of the greatest relationship strengths that this particular sign has. They can easily adapt to any energy that surrounds them and they are quite easy-going.


Pisces – Patient

Oh man, if you are lucky enough to grab a Pisces, you know that you'll have one patient sign on your hands. They are generally sensitive as well. This sign is also really good at understanding people and they can have extremes when it comes to emotions. No matter what, a Pisces will be extremely patient and wait for you to come out of your shell.


Aries – Caring

The thing about dating an Aries is that you'll never, ever be bored and not feel taken care of. This particular sign will found happiness in a long-term, committed relationship and they will consider you equal. They are not clingy yet they are still very caring in all the best ways.


Taurus – Dependable

This sign is fiercely independent but that doesn't mean that they don't want someone that will depend on them. They thrive on it and they are absolutely one of the best signs to depend on. If they say they will do something, they will do it. They are stubborn, though, keep that in mind!


Gemini – Imaginative

Ah, this sign is quick both in the mind and then physically. This sign is brimming with all kind of energy and they have such an imagination that they need someone to ground them a little bit. They love talking, communicating and they are quick to enjoy anyone and everyone – they are social butterflies! If you want to head down the rabbit hole, this is the sign for you.


Cancer – Loyalty

While a Cancer does take a little while to open up, that doesn't mean that they don't trust you. It just takes a while for them to trust you. Once they do, they are so loyal. Trust is the single most important thing to a Cancer, keep that in mind!


Leo – Generous

Okay, so this sign has two different amazing qualities, the loyalty is huge for this sign but they are also super generous. They are full of flair, love the spotlight but they always want to bring their partner in too. They are kind, openhearted and they will protect you no matter what.


Virgo – Reliable

If you are the type of person that is sorta all over the place and wears your heart on your sleeve, this is the sign for you. Truthfully, this sign is so calm, so cool and so collected, they will calm you down. They are also the most reliable sign in the world.


Libra – Diplomat

This sign is all about being diplomatic and all about putting themselves in other's shoes. They get it, they understand, they try to see things from people's point-of-view instead of their own. They want balance and harmony in their life. Need some understanding? This is the sign for you.


Scorpio – Passionate

This sign is one of the most misunderstood signs out there. They are intense, they like to be aware of the situation and they sometimes need to be in control all of the time. The best part about this sign? They are so passionate. They put themselves into everything and they are very weary about trusting people – once they do? You've got them hooked!


Sagittarius – Independent

This is another sign that is so independent it is nuts. They thrive on excitement and they will welcome all kinds of changes with open arms. They like to explore, they like freedom and if you can pin them down? You'll love it but you've got to understand, you can't stifle their need for adventures.


Capricorn – Patient

Capricorns love a challenge and they love to pursue anything and everything. They are also extremely patient and have a bit of a mind that sees things in black and white. This can make it harder to snap this sign up in a relationship that is full of gray. Take your time with this one, it'll be worth it!

So, there you have it! All of the best qualities of each star sign! Which is your favorite? Are you dating any right now girls?

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I love it too! My boyfriend is super caring and loving his sign is -Aries -Capricorn me, I'm just too damn patient I always thought it was a weak signal, but yeah that's me. ❤️

Aquas aren't intellectual? Hmmm...

I'm a Sag'- all of it is true! I married an Aquarius. I fell in love with his intellect and genuineness. My brother - Virgo, always manages to calm me down. My Dad - Gemini, the life of the party whilst my Mum - Pisces, the most patient one of us all.

They are tour favorite in the world? Favorite what? That makes no sense

I love this! So true about Aquarius, so proud

I am not in a relationship right now but I can speak for my self- I am a Virgo, and I do have that quality. 😊


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