7 Adorably Innocent Traits Men Find Endearing in Women ...


If you've been called innocent by all of your friends, don't take it as an insult. You don't need to be a wild party girl in order to get attention from men. You can be just as attractive as the innocent girl you are, as long as you surround yourself with the right type of guys. Here are a few adorably innocent traits most men find endearing in women:

1. Sweet

People have become so accustomed to the evilness of the world that when they see a sweet person, it seems bizarre and unnatural. However, one of the best qualities that innocent women tend to have is their unwavering sweetness. They haven't seen the horrors of the world yet, so they treat everyone with the kindness that they deserve. Some men will walk all over a sweet girl, but most of them will value her kindness and want to be a part of her life.



Meh. This doesn't apply to most women, and there's a whole lot of women out there who are nice people, they're just not as naive as this article suggests. File this one under 'fluff" or 'filler'.
Great article, it's describes me,except for 6 (working on that)
Holy crap this describes me! Crazy!! But most guys and gals like walking all over a sweet girl! I've never met one that is respectful to my kindness! Which is why I prefer to stay away from most people.
Really? I'm sooo opposite!!! Lol in a good way!!!
Really? I'm sooo opposite!!! Lol in a good way!!!
Really? I'm sooo opposite!!!
👏👏👏👏true @Mperry
Just because you're shy or 'innocent' doesn't mean you're stupid. Goodness why can't women accept others even if they're not alike? These things certainly don't mean you're naive.
This is a sexist list
Innocence translates into naivety. You don't know the dangers so don't see them when their right in you're face
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