These Are the 7 Things Men Wish Women Knew about Them ...


There’s a lot more mystery about the opposite sex than there are secrets to the cosmos. But while the tools to understand the secrets of space are all about high-tech accuracy — the Hubble Telescope and Hadron Collider — what tools do we have for understanding the opposite sex? Your mother’s 1950s advice about sock hops, Maxim/Cosmo, and “Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus.” Maybe it’s time some brave man (me) crosses the aisle and lets women know a few of the things men really wish women knew about them.

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Men Think Women Are Beautiful with or without Makeup

Men are not attracted to your makeup. They are attracted to your mind, your sense of humor, the adorable snorts when you laugh, the way you sneeze like a baby mouse, your confidence and your beautiful smile. Makeup can be used, like fashion, to express yourself, and you probably wear it more for yourself, and men do appreciate when you want to look “better.” But you shouldn’t feel like you’re not beautiful without it. Because you are mind-blowingly beautiful either with or without it.


Men often crave for the deeper connection that transcends physical appearances. They value sincerity and authenticity—it's the raw, unfiltered quirks that make you uniquely irresistible. While makeup enhances features, it's the sparkle of passion in your conversation, the way your eyes light up when talking about something you love, that truly captivates them. These are moments when your inner beauty shines brightest, painting a picture no brush could ever match. Remember, it's the radiant you—makeup or no makeup—that leaves a lasting impression.


Intelligence is the New Boob Job

Women aren’t as helpless as your old Pop Pop thinks. Women are CEOs, they are Biologists, and they are Secretaries of State, and brains matter more to men than you would believe. A man doesn’t want to dance around real conversation; he wants to learn from you more than he wants to “teach” you. He wants to take you out for a drink and be enthralled by what you believe and what you think. Your intelligence is not only attractive, it’s straight up sexy!


Gone are the days when damsels in distress were the dream. The modern man craves a partner with wit sharp enough to match or outdo his own. Being a boss at whatever you do isn't just inspiring, it's downright irresistible. He’s looking for someone who can challenge him, push his boundaries, and stimulate every facet of his intellect. Think of your mind as the most captivating curve you possess – one that keeps unveiling its depths, one conversation at a time. So ladies, flex those cerebral muscles; they're your secret superpower in the game of attraction.


Confidence is a Big Deal

Some men seek out insecure women because they know they can manipulate them, control them and be a complete asshat to them. A confident woman will save herself not only from asshats but also a gazillion dollars on beauty products she doesn’t even need, because confidence gives you a glow better than any BB cream or bronzer (or whatever). A confident air will make a man second-take faster than any Pantene Pro V bouncy hair shimmering in the sunlight.


Men Have Feelings Too

Men may not like to talk about feelings very often, but they also know how important talking about them is. Sometimes being a stoic, quiet, moody caveman is how you handle a horrible boss or an overbearing relative. But feeling like you’re failing, and stressing about bills, is nothing a man wants to carry around like a third testicle. All he needs is a glass of whiskey and a kiss at an empty table. Whiskey and kisses are a thousand times better than “What’s Wrong?” … anything is better than “What’s wrong?” It’s that little weasel word “wrong.” No one wants to talk about anything “wrong,” so after whiskey and a kiss, ask what’s going on, and we may feel more like talking than having to explain what’s “wrong.”


Make Him Laugh and He Will Swoon

A sense of humor, a sharp-edged wit, even being a smart-ass, is a kind of sexy that a man just can’t resist. Being funny is a mastery of human relation; that’s how someone as lame as Seinfeld got famous. Finding someone who tickles your funny bone is a true and honest connection. It’s a welcoming shock when you find someone genuinely funny, it’s connecting on a whole other level. Men don’t always expect a woman to make him laugh, so the impact it has on him is immeasurable.


Men Aren’t That Dumb

Men are more complex than Homer Simpson, Al Bundy and every single guy in a TV commercial could suggest. They know that your friends can sometimes be catty, that you need to be complimented when you look good, and even more when you don’t think you do (but we think you do). We get nuance, needs, and the complexity of relationships, we do. And sometimes, we get it right, without even trying very hard.


Sure, our favorite sitcom characters might make us all laugh with their clueless antics. But when it comes to real-life, many men understand the intricate dance of emotional intelligence. We can pick up on subtle hints, appreciate the significance of a silent cuddle and often recognize when to take charge or stay in the background. Despite the stereotypes, we're not always fixated on the remote or oblivious to the importance of an anniversary or a meaningful conversation—many of us remember those details that make relationships thrive.


Cuddling is Heaven on Earth

Intimacy isn’t taboo anymore. Men love the feel of a woman’s skin, the feel of their breath. There was a time not too long ago when a man was considered a total wuss if he liked to cuddle. They’d huff and puff and act like they were doing you a favor holding you. Some men still think this is true, but most don’t. If say they don’t want to cuddle, they’re faking it like David Lee Roth’s singing. That no-cuddles man will huff and puff, protest, then fall asleep in your arms like a baby.

Which of these secrets surprised you, and which will you share with your argumentative friends? Or did you already know all about this stuff? If so, maybe we’re not as different as we think!

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Make up and making him points are so true! My man loooves cuddles and we make each laugh like crazy... It's amazing how laughing and being 'silly' connects pple. Very good article!

Your writing= my goals.

Thank you Anthony! For an interesting perspective, juxtapose Anthony's post with Holly's post from a couple of days ago regarding "low maintenance" women...

Thanks for the article especially from a male perspective! I question the statement that makeup isn't important??? Put two ladies together in the same place and the lady with makeup will get the guy every time over the one without! Or maybe that's where the self confidence comes in, we feel more confident when we think we look good???!!! Idk? Anyways I loved your article!

This was awesome...the only problem is I can't read #4 and that seems to be the one I need to improve most

Ugh that last point is so true, cuddling is the best

Such a beautiful article to read!

Loved the article.

Funniest shit ever 💁

On point 6, I thought you were talking about Ted Bundy for a moment.. Haha!

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