7 Low-Maintenance Traits Men Want Their Girlfriends to Have ...


Men love to lead simple lives free from drama. That's why they're more attracted to women who are low-maintenance and down to earth. They enjoy being in relationships where they aren't constantly stressed out along with their partner and forced to worry about every little thing. Here are a few of the most important low-maintenance traits men want their girlfriends to have:

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Not Picky

When a man takes the time to pick out an outfit and restaurant for a date, he doesn't want you to criticize his choices. If you do, then it's only going to make him feel bad about himself, like he isn't good enough. Men love low-maintenance women, because they're more likely to appreciate the hard work he put into the date, even if the evening turns out to be a dud.


Not Obsessed with Money

A gift should get a thank you, no matter how pathetic it is. Men appreciate that low maintenance women will be happy that they received jewelry, even if it didn't cost hundreds of dollars. As much as men want to treat their women like princesses, they don't want to feel like they're being forced to waste their paychecks on elaborate gifts.


Not a Drama Queen

Sure, your man might ask you how your day at the office was, but that doesn't mean he actually wants to hear every little detail about the frenemies you work with. Men aren't fans of gossip, because it signals trouble. That means they don't want to know about what a jerk your girlfriends are or about your hairdresser's private life. Low-maintenance girls are more casual and friendly, which means that they're less likely to be constantly talking about drama.


Not a Big Spender

If a man is going to spend the rest of his life with you, he'll feel better about his decision if you're careful with money. High-maintenance women like to have designer bags and dresses, so they'll be more likely to waste away whatever money they earn. Being good with your money won't only help you secure a good home, but it might make your man marry you.


Not a Time Waster

Your man wants you to look your best, but he doesn't want you to spend hours in the bathroom before leaving the house. High-maintenance women won't budge until every hair is in place. That's why he'd rather be with a woman who is happy with herself, even when her makeup is a little smeared.


Not Superior

Some high-maintenance women assume that they're better than everyone else. While a man wants his girlfriend to have confidence, he also wants her to realize that they're equals. If one person believes that they're better than the other, the relationship will never work. Men love low-maintenance girls, because they never act like they're superior. They know that they're human, just like everybody else.


Not Materialistic

Low-maintenance women aren't fooled into believing that material items are the most important thing in the world. When a woman values her jewelry and gems above him, he won't be happy. He'd prefer to be with a woman who knows that love truly is the most important thing.

Every man is different, but most of them value these traits, because it'll make the relationship run smoother. Do other consider you high or low maintenance?

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Ifs guy goes out with a Paris Hilton type then they know exactly what they are getting into. I do agree with Daniel that guys just want a hug not rehash a bad day. I find they open up once you just hug them and let them tell you what went wrong. Most times they just want someone to talk to and listen.

just be yourself. if you are a high maintence gurl then be it

@Jennapher that was very well said and I agree.

Not true. My husband enjoys my picky tastes and the way I dress for him.

Um. I read most of this article with our roles reversed!

I am me and he loves me as I am, warts and all. We don't 'change' but rather we give and take. That's what a relationship is all about. Additionally, I am working and don't need him to 'maintain' me. We decided that we will b careful with money so that we build a healthy nest egg and can retire early.

Sorry I meant to say some women want men to meet all of her requirement but put little effort to meeting those same requirements.

Amen Jenna!!!!

This is very "change yourself to please a man " and that's really crappy. I disagree. I'm extremely picky about food and only go to some restaurants (due to an anxiety disorder) but my boyfriend loves it. He thinks it's cute and understands that im obviously not doing it to annoy him, and that it's something that's part of me. Same with getting ready. I get panic attacks if I stress myself out to much, so when I get ready, I blast music, and take my time. It's my relaxation time so it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 6 hours. It's all preference. Some guys like the super high maintenance gucci only kind of girls, some guys like Girls who live in tents and pee in bushes. But nobody likes when you change yourself for someone.

OMG, Holly...you sound as if you are describing the "cool girl", and if you don't get the reference, read Gone Girl...I understand your intentions here, but just when does this lucky guy who has snagged the cool girl have to actually put any real honest effort into the relationship? When do I get to make the reservations at the restaurant I chose, and am allowed to forget his birthday, or tell him I think his hair is too long or too short? Hey, I hate drama too, and I'm not fond of gossip, but if I ask a man about his day, I expect him to tell me honestly whether his day was five-star, or sucked! Nothing personal Holly cuz I love your posts, but low maintenance is for cars, not women😏

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