19 Beautiful Sex Tips for a Sagittarius ...


Sagittarians are one of those signs that was a mystery to me until I started to research all of the best sex tips for a Sagittarius.

Did you know that this particular sign loves all kinds of toys and loves erotic massage?

These are just a few of the sex tips for a Sagittarius that you'll learn below!

Take a look and learn exactly what your Sag loves!

1. The Thighs Are Hot

Did you know that one of the top sex tips for a Sagittarius all revolves around their thighs?

They love their thighs to be touched, to be caressed and to be kissed!

A massage on the thighs with some amazing oils is the way to go for this incredible sign.

2. Be Charming

A Sagittarius is all about being charmed and swept off of their feet.

They want someone that is willing to not just play a hide and capture game with them, but someone that knows exactly how to impress them.

They like fun, they like humor and they really want someone that understands them perfectly!

3. Spur of the Moment Sex

This is one sign that is all about the spur of the moment sex.

Whether it is in the closet at a restaurant or even just right in the kitchen as soon as you get home, they want to be surprised.

This is also a sign that has a ton of stamina, so you'll have to keep up and increase your stamina to really stay on the same pace.

4. Verbal Action

If you thought that this particular sign was quiet, you've got another thing coming!

They like it all verbal and they like all of the dirty talk.

They want someone to tell them exactly what they are doing and exactly what you like.

They want someone that is open, someone that is super comfortable and someone that knows how to please them … and to talk about it.

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