11 Fantastic Sex Tips for a Libra ...


11 Fantastic Sex Tips for a Libra ...
11 Fantastic Sex Tips for a Libra ...

If you've been dating a Libra for a while but still don't know the top sex tips for a Libra that will really turn your partner on, you've got to take a look below! I've got the top 7 amazing sex tips for a Libra that really work and will turn your partner on no matter what! So, you ready to explore exactly what your Libra partner loves and what will really make them hot and bothered behind closed doors?

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Lower Back & Butt Are Hot Zones

If you've ever tried to turn your partner on, but don't know exactly what spots to touch, don't worry! That's what these sex tips for a Libra are all about! The lower back area and the butt are hot zones for this particular sign. They love their back stroked, their butt grabbed and they really want someone that is skilled at touching those two areas. Do it and see what happens!


Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is represented by scales. People born under the sign of Libra are known for their romantic and passionate nature, and they are often considered to be the most passionate of all the zodiac signs. When it comes to sex, Libras are known to be highly sensual and enjoy being touched in all the right places. The lower back and butt are two of the most sensitive areas for a Libra, and touching them in the right way can be incredibly arousing. To really drive a Libra wild, try using gentle strokes, caresses, and massages in these areas. Additionally, Libras appreciate a bit of light teasing and playful banter during sex, as it helps to keep things interesting and exciting.


Mental Stimulation

A Libra is someone that thrives on mental stimulation! They want someone that is able to stimulate them mentally and physically. They can't get off unless they are engaged with their partner mentally, unless there is a huge connection there. So, make sure that you have that connection before you start to move forward in the physical department!


Mental stimulation is key for a Libra when it comes to sex. Libras need to feel a connection with their partner before they can even begin to think about physical intimacy. This means having conversations that go deeper than just surface level topics. Showing interest in their partner’s thoughts and opinions, and being genuinely curious about them will help create the connection needed for a Libra to feel comfortable with physical intimacy.

In addition to mental stimulation, Libras also need to feel that their partner is emotionally invested in the relationship. They need to know that their partner is in it for the long haul. This means that they need to feel that their partner is honest, trustworthy, and reliable. Libras need to be able to trust and rely on their partner in order to feel comfortable and secure.

When it comes to physical intimacy, Libras need to feel that their partner is passionate and attentive. They need to feel that their partner is focused on them and only them. This means that they need to feel that their partner is not just going through the motions but is truly enjoying the experience. They need to feel that their partner is invested in the experience and is taking pleasure in it as well.

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Morning Sex

One thing that you might notice about your Libra partner is that they love to have morning sex! They like it because it puts them in a great mood throughout the day and they really want to make sure that they leave a lasting impression on you. While you might have had sex the previous night, morning sex is always the best for a Libra!


For a Libra, sex is an important part of a relationship. Morning sex is a great way to start the day off right and make a lasting impression. Libra partners love to start the day off with a passionate session in the bedroom. This helps to set the tone for the rest of the day and keep them in a great mood.

When it comes to sex, Libra partners are all about making sure that their partner is satisfied. They are very attentive and will take the time to make sure that their partner is enjoying the experience. They are also very creative in the bedroom and will often come up with new ideas to keep things interesting.

Libra partners also love to use toys and props during sex. They are all about trying new things and making sure that their partner is having a great time. They are also very open to discussing fantasies and trying out new positions.

In addition to morning sex, Libra partners also love to take their time. They are not in a rush and will often take their time to make sure that their partner is enjoying the experience. They are also very attentive to their partner's needs and will make sure that their partner is feeling comfortable and relaxed.

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Take-Charge Attitude

A Libra doesn't want someone that is just going to roll over and that is going to let them do whatever they want, they want someone that will take charge. This type of attitude is ideal for any Libra and can be a huge turn on for them! A grip, a grab or even just a firm word can really make them submit and make them feel like important!


Libras appreciate a partner who exerts confidence and decisiveness, not only in day-to-day scenarios but also in intimate moments. They find the assertiveness alluring, as it excites their sense of balance between giving and taking control. This doesn't mean they favor dominance that snuffs out mutual respect; rather, they seek a boldness that complements their own tendency to weigh every option. In the bedroom, a confident partner who can playfully challenge a Libra, while still cherishing their input, creates a passionate dynamic that can lead to an intensely fulfilling encounter.

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Lights on

The Libra isn't a sign that is super shy! They want the lights on, they want someone that is going to be able to see them up close and appreciate everything about their body. So, the next time you go to flip the switch off, leave it on and see how your Libra partner likes the sex then!


Libras thrive on intimacy and visual connection, which is heightened by a well-lit environment. They're all about the aesthetic and balance, so remember, a sensual ambiance with the perfect lighting can make all the difference. Push any hesitation aside and let the room glow; it's all about celebrating both your bodies and the shared experience. Embrace your confidence and let your Libra partner bask in the allure of a bucolic setting. Who knows, they might just return the favor with an extra dose of affection and adoration towards you.

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Erotic Massage

Oh, the massage portion of these tips – a Libra is a sucker for all kinds of massage, but they love erotic massage. They like to give and get massages and truthfully, it can start out innocent and can go from there! So next time you are rubbing down your partner's shoulders, maybe move down lower and lower and see what unfolds!


Libras are known for their love of physical touch and sensual experiences, making erotic massage a perfect activity for them. They enjoy both giving and receiving massages, and the intimate nature of an erotic massage can be a major turn on for them. This can start off innocently enough with a regular massage, but as things progress, a Libra will appreciate the added touch and exploration of erogenous zones. They are also known for their love of balance and harmony, so incorporating some essential oils or candles can enhance the experience for them. Overall, an erotic massage is a great way to connect with a Libra and explore their sensual side.

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A Libra is a sign that loves to be flattered and loves to hear just how beautiful they are. If you're dying to get some out of your partner, turn on the compliments and see what happens! A Libra is also someone that will return the compliments and will stroke your ego a little bit in return!


Don't be shy with your words of adoration; a whisper of "you're incredible" during an intimate moment can escalate the passion significantly. Keep in mind Libras value balance, so ensure your flattery feels genuine, not gratuitous. They have a keen sense for authenticity and will appreciate heartfelt praise that acknowledges their efforts to please you both in and out of the bedroom. In turn, they'll make sure to let you know just how much your presence delights them, creating an exchange of admiration that strengthens your connection.

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Taste & Scent Are Turn Ons

One thing that you've got to know about this particular sign is that their scent and taste are two things that really keep them going. If you taste like something addicting or slip into a sexy perfume or cologne that your partner loves, you'll definitely get lucky!


Libras are known for their refined senses, so when it comes to setting the mood for romance, never underestimate the power of engaging their olfactory and gustatory experiences. A hint of vanilla, a touch of cinnamon, or just the sweetness of your skin after a warm shower can send their hearts racing. Whispering about the enticing flavors of the evening's dessert or leaving a trail of your distinctive fragrance can act as irresistible foreplay. Just remember, a Libra appreciates the subtlety and nuance in the scents and tastes you introduce into the boudoir, so keep it classy and enchanting.

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Like Control

This sign loves control. They want something balanced behind closed doors, but they also want to do the chasing, so if you really want your Libra to be turned on, give up a little bit of the control in the beginning.


For the Libra lover, the dance of dominion and surrender is an enticing game. Embrace a delicate balance, giving them the lead at times, while also asserting your own desires. By dynamically shifting power, you’ll keep the Libra engaged and intrigued. Remember, they relish the art of give-and-take. So, in your intimate moments, let them guide you occasionally, but don’t be hesitant to pull the reins back to your side gently. This playful tug-of-war is exactly the kind of interplay that can ignite the Libra's passion.

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Don't Be Too Aggressive

You can't be super, super aggressive though, keep that in mind. They don't want someone that is too aggressive or overly sexual, they are all about subtle hints and all about their partner letting them know secretively that they want to have sex.


When it comes to sex with a Libra, it's important to be mindful of their need for balance. Libra's are typically gentle and romantic, so it's important to take it slow and not be too aggressive. Instead of being overly sexual or direct, it's best to let your partner know in subtle ways that you're interested in having sex. It's important to keep the conversation light and playful, as Libras often shy away from intense conversations. Additionally, Libra's love to be appreciated and praised, so be sure to give compliments and make them feel special.

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They Want a Balance in Bed

Finally, they want to have balance in the bedroom, they want a partner who is as enthusiastic as them and they want someone that is going to match their passion too!

These are just a few of the sex tips that are out there for a Libra! Have you tried any on your partner? Did they work? Give up your story below!

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Leo please!

Hmm. Can I add # 8. Ears. Play with our ears. We love it! At I do and all the other libras I know do

Very true- coming from a libra :D

All of this is dead on for me. My lower back is my weak spot especially if a guy wraps his arms around my waist from behind.

I'm a libra and all of that is sooo true

My boyfriend is a libra. But were in a ldr, im just sorta concious bout this haha

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