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11 Enchanting Sex Tips for a Gemini ...

By Heather

There are tons of sex tips out there, but sex tips for a Gemini are hard to come by – especially if you don't know exactly what to look for when you are trying to find the right sex tips. I've decided that compiling all of the top sex tips for a Gemini in one place will really let you know exactly what you are into whenever you are dealing with this particular sexual sign. So guys and girls, you ready to dive in and see exactly what type of sex a Gemini likes?

1 Hands, Arms & Shoulders Are Hot Spots

One of the biggest sexual spots for a Gemini and the best of all of the sex tips for a Gemini is the fact that they love anything on their upper half touched. Their hands, their arms and their shoulders. A sensual massage to the shoulders can get you the entire world and a hand massage can be the warm up.

2 Stimulate Their Mind

Geminis are one of those signs that absolutely have to have their mind stimulated if they are going to get aroused. They like erotic stories, really like lusty songs played when the act is being done and they really love it when there is mental foreplay involved. A flirty text, a sexy email and even a steamy phone call with promises of what happens at night can drive a Gemini crazy!

3 Role Play is a Must

Gemini signs as a whole also love to role play. They love to slip into someone's life for a little while and they like to play characters. This means that you'll never be bored when you are with a Gemini and you'll never, ever have to worry about boring them, as long as you go with their game. Nurses, doctors, role reversal, these are all turn ons for a Gemini!

4 They like Stripteasing

A Gemini also likes a show. They want their partner to preen in front of them and that includes stripping! Stripteasing is something that the Gemini likes to view and likes to do! They like to get in on the action just as much as they like to do it. They'll probably end up rubbing themselves a little too during your striptease, as mutual masturbation is certainly a turn on for this particular sign!

5 Indulge in the Fantasy

The Gemini is a sign that is all about fantasy and they love to indulge in theirs as often as possible. This means that you can't make fun of whatever might be floating around in their head. They really love to indulge, love to feel desire and love to really get into their fantasies.

6 Dirty Talk

Whenever you are having sex with a Gemini, dirty talk is a must! It's something that is extremely vital to this particular sign and if you aren't a talker, you better look up some ways to talk dirty. They love to know what you are going to do them and what you want to do with them.

7 Phone/Cyber Sex is Appealing

Have you ever tried phone sex? What about cyber sex? Well, Geminis are one of the few signs out there that absolutely love things like this! If you really want to get under the skin of a Gemini, start a phone sex conversation or move onto typing our your desires!

8 Speed up

By far, one of the biggest turn-offs for a Gemini is someone that is slow. They live on speed and if you don't heat up in a hurry and then get to business in a hurry -- you are just going to turn them off! Keep that in mind!

9 Take Advantage of the Moment

This sign is all about being in the moment, so don't plan anything, just go for it! If you are feeling frisky and you think that your partner might too -- then go for it and see what happens!

10 Don't Fuss

With a Gemini, you don't need to fuss or anything, just go with it! A Gemini likes when someone takes hold and doesn't worry about every tiny thing -- instead they just go with the flow.

11 Spontaneous

Finally, you've got to be spontaneous. You can't be the person that is constantly planning things, constantly on a schedule -- otherwise, you'll turn your Gemini completely off!

While these are just a few of the sex tips out there, which ones have you tried? What signs have you been with, all you Geminis out there?

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