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21 Incredibly Steamy Sex Tips for a Scorpio ...

By Heather

Oh, all of the sex tips for a Scorpio out there could be true, but how can you be sure? All of you Scorpios out there know what you like, but do you know exactly what sex tips for a Scorpio to share with your partners? Well, I've combined all of the top sex tips for your particular sign and I've got them below! These really work and they will get your Scorpio partner all hot and bothered, boys and girls, so take a look!

1 Likes Mystery

If you are dating a Scorpio, you've got to remember that they like a ton of mystery. They want something that is unknown to them and they want to be surprised by it! This is absolutely one of the top sex tips for a Scorpio that you should pay attention to. Whether you are incorporating mystery into the actual sex act or the foreplay, it's your choice!

2 Masks & Blindfolds

A Scorpio is one of the top signs that love masks and blindfolds! Catch them off guard with a blindfold around their eyes? Oh man, they go crazy for that! They love anything that is a surprise, anything that will lead them toward something mysterious and anything that will really allow for them to role play and be themselves.

3 Teasing & Tickling

While most signs are all about the teasing, they don't necessarily liked to be tickled. This particular sign loves to be tickled, teased and anything else you can think of! If your partner is a Scorpio and you haven't tried teasing and tickling yet, give it a try!

4 Likes It Rough

A Scorpio is also a sign that loves sex rough. They want a little bit of bruises and they like to bite. This could be a good or a bad thing for you – it all depends on if you like it rough too. While this particular sign might seem all flowers and delicacy, behind closed doors … they like it totally rough and wild!

5 Like to Watch Themselves

Another great thing about a Scorpio is that they like to watch themselves. They really like mirrors and they like to be able to show off. If you are looking to heighten your sexual experience with your Scorpio partner, put a mirror over or near the bed so that they can see themselves while they are at work!

6 Bondage

Bondage is another thing that this particular sign absolutely loves. They like to be tied up, like to things that are tight on them and they love handcuffs. If you are looking for a way to spice up your sex life with this particular sign, you've got to drag out the bondage play! Handcuff them to the bed and see where it gets you!

7 Role Play

Finally, role play is a huge, huge piece of the puzzle with this sign. They like to pretend that they are someone else and really like to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Good cop, bad cop, cowgirl and Indian, whatever you want to play out, make sure that it is good and can hold your partner's attention!

8 No Toys

While Scorpio's may love other types of adventurous activity, they aren't fans of toys. You can bring all of the handcuffs and blindfolds you want into the bedroom, but leave the vibrators in your drawer. They won't be of any use to you two.

9 Missionary

Missionary is a Scorpio's favorite position. They don't need to use any elaborate positions, because missionary works perfectly well. So there's no need to worry about reading the Kama Sutra and coming up with new ways to flex every night.

10 Use Your Imagination

Don't be shy when you have a Scorpio lover. If you're eager to try something new, chances are that they'll be up for the challenge. Don't keep quiet about your desires, because they have such kinky thoughts that they won't blame you for yours.

11 Be Confident

Scorpios love it when their partners are confident. Strip for them, take control, and show them that you know exactly what you're doing. They'll be turned on by the way you're strutting your stuff.

12 Erotic Massages

If you want to set the mood, give your partner an erotic massage. Just don't touch them too lightly, because they prefer firm, hard strokes. Don't go easy on them. They can take the pressure.

13 Pitch Black

You don't always have to do it with the lights on. If you keep the room pitch black, every move you make will feel sexier, because your partner won't see it coming. It's a great way to add a new level of intensity to your lovemaking.

14 Stay Silent

There's no need to dirty talk with a Scorpio, because they don't mind silence in bed. As long as your partner can hear a few moans to know that their moves are doing the trick, they'll be satisfied. So if you're too shy to whisper in his ear, there's nothing to worry about.

15 Foreplay

Foreplay is super important to a Scorpio. It doesn't matter if you send a naughty text to them while they're out or kiss them from their neck to their knees--all they want is for a bit of fun before the real action begins.

16 No Routine

Scorpios don't want you to become too predictable. Spice things up every once in a while so that your bedroom behavior doesn't seem stale. If you want your relationship to remain a happy one, you won't stick to a certain routine.

17 Kinky Underwear

Want to really impress your lover? Buy some new underwear or lingerie to strut around in. When he sees you wearing it, he won't be able to keep his hands off of you.

18 Body Oils

Body oils will make your lovemaking more sensual than ever. For extra brownie points, buy a flavored version so that your skin will taste just as good as it feels.

19 Beautiful Scents

Scorpios can get excited by a simple scent, so make sure you're always wearing a delicious perfume. It doesn't matter if it's woodsy or flowery, as long as it's enticing.

20 Dark Colors

Scorpios prefer black, blues, and purples over lighter colors. So when you're picking out a dress to wear on a date, make sure it's dark. That way, his eyes won't leave you all night long.

21 Show You Care

Scorpios tend to get very jealous if they think you're attracted to someone else. That's why you need to show them you love them as often as possible. Do whatever you can to raise their confidence.

So girls and guys, what type of sex tips have you used with your Scorpio partner? Any that I have listed here? Give up your tips in the comments!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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