How to Make Falling in Love Feel like a Fairy Tale ...


Love is a beautiful thing and thanks to Disney and romcoms, we grow up with an idealized view that for every princess there's a Prince Charming.

How wrong that can turn out to be IRL.

But that fairy tale love doesn't have to be out of reach - not if you know what you need to do - whether you're new couple or in an established relationship.

1. Take Your Time

Take Your Time

To make it feel especially formal and fairy tale like, stretch out the wooing period for as long as you can.

Increase the excitement and want for one another.

2. Love before Marriage

Love before Marriage

Don’t accept somebody’s proposal simply because you kind of like them and you want to be married before you turn 35.

Make sure you that you completely and utterly love them before pledging the rest of your life to them!

3. Hold out!

Hold out!

See how long you can both go without giving in to temptation and sleeping together.

The time in between can feel really special as you build up to that moment of complete togetherness.

4. Extra Mile

Extra Mile

Make the effort to go that extra mile for your partner in helping them out and being there for them whenever they need you.

Going the extra mile can make you seem like Princess Charming!2

5. Look Good

Look Good

To achieve that peak Disney fairy tale type romance, you need to make sure that you and your partner always look amazing when you go out on dates together.

Try to turn heads other than your own.

6. Give Space

Give Space

Unless you are housemates that already live together, you should try not to overcrowd one another in the early stages.

Instead, give him a chance to miss you by keeping a low profile for a few days at a time.

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