9 Date Ideas for Couples Who Prefer Chats about the Universe to Small Talk ...


9 Date Ideas for Couples Who Prefer Chats about the Universe to Small Talk ...
9 Date Ideas for Couples Who Prefer Chats about the Universe to Small Talk ...

You don't have to go on dates meant to stimulate your bodies. You can go on dates that'll stimulate your brains, instead! If you two are intellectuals, then you'd rather learn something new than go on the same boring movie dates, anyway. So here are a few date ideas for couples who prefer chats about the universe to small talk:

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Find an Open-mic Poetry Night

Find an Open-mic Poetry Night Get in touch with your creative side. Attend an open-mic poetry night, so that you can hear from budding poets. When the night ends, you can discuss the poems you've heard with your date. Of course, if you write your own poetry, then you can even get up in front of the audience and share your work.


Visit a Planetarium

Visit a Planetarium Unfortunately, pollution makes it hard to sit outside and stargaze. That's why you should visit a planetarium. You'll be able to learn about the solar system and see illustrations of the stars in the night sky. It's the closest you'll get to stargazing in this century.


Admire an Art Gallery

Admire an Art Gallery Find an art gallery that you can walk through with your boyfriend. It doesn't matter if the artist is well-known or if they're just starting out. If they're an amateur, then it'll make the night even more fun. Once they get famous, you can brag about liking them before they hit it big.


Visit a Museum

Visit a Museum You don't have to go to a traditional museum with paintings hanging on the wall. If you aren't fans of artwork, you can go to a sex museum or a history museum. That way, you'll still be learning, but you'll be looking at more than pretty pictures.


Walk through a Bookstore

Walk through a Bookstore You two can join a book club, or you can simply walk through a mom and pop bookshop together. Look for a novel that you'd both like to read, and then pass it back and forth to each other. It's a great way to bond.


Go to a Wine Tasting

Go to a Wine Tasting If you're old enough to drink, then you two should attend a wine tasting. It beats sitting in a sports bar, drinking beers or sipping cheap wine from out of the box in your living room. You might even get a taste of your new favorite wine.


Buy Tickets for the Opera

Buy Tickets for the Opera If you have a lot of money to spend, you can purchase tickets for an opera or a ballet. It'll make you feel sophisticated. Of course, you could also learn a thing or two at a Broadway show, like Hamilton.


Go Antiquing

Go Antiquing Instead of browsing through DVDs or makeup together, you could go antiquing! You don't actually need to buy anything. You can just point out the items that you'd love to have in your future house together. It's a great way to start planning your future!


Attend a Lecture

Attend a Lecture You should go to a book reading by an author or attend a lecture. Either way, you'll learn something new. If you don't want to leave the house, you can just watch Ted Talks or Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Now you have some fun date ideas that'll stimulate your brains! What other intellectual date ideas can you come up with?

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