9 Adorable Easter Themed Date Ideas ...


9 Adorable Easter Themed Date Ideas ...
9 Adorable Easter Themed Date Ideas ...

Easter isn't a crazy holiday, like Christmas, that people look forward to all year long. However, you can still have some fun this holiday! If you want to celebrate the holiday with the love of your life, here are a few adorable Easter themed date ideas that you can try:

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Make Easter Desserts Together

Make Easter Desserts Together You two should make some delicious dessert to share with your families on Easter. You can buy molds in the shape of eggs and melt chocolate into them to create lollipops. You could buy a pan in the shape of a rabbit and bake a cake. You could even create cupcakes and decorate them with miniature candy eggs to make them look like bird's nests.


Baking together not only sweetens the palate but also adds a dash of romance to the mix. Take it a step further by personalizing your treats with icing designs and edible glitter. This becomes an especially endearing activity if you share your creations with loved ones or perhaps leave a surprise Easter basket at your neighbors' doorstep. The act of baking and sharing is sure to sprinkle your day with laughter, love, and a generous helping of sweetness.


Paint Eggs Together

Paint Eggs Together Remember when you were little and you used to paint eggs to hide around the house? Well, you should break out the egg painting kit, because it's time to decorate again! You and your man can have a competition to see who creates the most gorgeous masterpiece. When you're done, you can take Instagram pictures to show off to all of your friends or just crack the eggs and eat them.


Go on a Treasure Hunt

Go on a Treasure Hunt If you don't want to search for eggs on Easter morning, you two can go on a different type of treasure hunt. Create a list of people and places to take pictures in front of (like a Disney character or a fountain) and then see how many you can cross off the list at your local mall. If you're not the competitive type, then you can play as a team and have just as much fun!


Start Your Spring Cleaning

Start Your Spring Cleaning Spring cleaning isn't any fun, but it's necessary. If you want to get your chores out of the way, then you might as well ask your man to help you out. That way, you'll get everything done twice as fast as you normally would.


Go Shopping for Easter Gifts

cartoon, mammal, vertebrate, rabits and hares, rabbit, Easter isn't the time to buy expensive presents for all of your family and friends. However, it's the perfect time to buy them little bags of candy or knickknacks that they'll love to place around the house. If you still have shopping to do, then grab your boyfriend and take him to the dollar store with you. You'll be able to find lots of cute, cheap items to place in everyone's Easter baskets.

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Have Brunch

Have Brunch Instead of going out for lunch or dinner, you two should go out for brunch. It's something that most couples have never done before, which means you'll get to experience something new. Besides, if you're a big fan of breakfast, you'll be able to eat some delicious waffles or pancakes made by a professional chef.


Go to an Easter Festival

Go to an Easter Festival Pick up a copy of your town's newspaper and read through it. There's probably a local fair, festival, or parade being held for Easter. The best part? It might even be free! Of course, if you two are religious, then you can always go to church together on Easter Sunday to celebrate the holiday.


Enjoy a Springtime Walk

wilderness, tree, ecosystem, mode of transport, geological phenomenon, The weather does tend to mess us around and it might be spring but there might also be snow on the ground. On a fair day, talk a walk in nature with your hunny. See if you can see snowdrops or daffodils or hear bird song. Just enjoy each other's company in a tranquil setting.


Go and See the Movie Peter Rabbit

fauna, macropodidae, organism, kangaroo, wildlife, Nothing says Easter like a bunny! Peter Rabbit is the creation of Beatrix Potter and one of the most beloved characters in children's literature in the UK. If you're familiar with the story, relive your childhood by going to see the movie, and if he's new to you, you're sure to enjoy it anyway.

There are plenty of fun things you can do with your boyfriend at Easter. You just have to get creative! What are you planning on doing with your boyfriend this Easter?

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