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52 Ways to Be a Total Romantic ...

By Neecey

It shouldn’t be a chore to keep the romance alive in your relationship. With these really easy little ways to be romantic you won’t have to try hard, but the payoff is great. And there’s 52 ways here so you do a new one each week!

Table of contents:

  1. Bathroom messages
  2. Massage
  3. Write a poem
  4. Public declaration
  5. Mix tape
  6. Run a bath
  7. Surprise lunch
  8. Pillow gift
  9. Post work praise
  10. Dedication
  11. Favorite meal
  12. Foot rub
  13. Surprise text
  14. Surprise post
  15. Wallet photo
  16. Car message
  17. Tree initials
  18. Pda
  19. Cinema date
  20. King/queen for a day
  21. Tree planting
  22. Be vocal
  23. Old fashioned love letter
  24. Code words
  25. Hotel stay
  26. Place an ad
  27. Blindfold surprise
  28. Write a love song
  29. Early valentine
  30. Secret notes
  31. Lend a hand
  32. Be spontaneous
  33. Name a meal after them
  34. Body paint
  35. Record yourself
  36. Make a collage
  37. Mementos box
  38. Sexy lingerie
  39. Charity donation
  40. Remember anniversaries!
  41. Mindmap
  42. Beach walk
  43. Mean the words
  44. Play hooky
  45. Send an e-card
  46. Notes around the house
  47. Keep a blog
  48. Do your chores
  49. Be kind!
  50. Take an interest
  51. Early christmas present
  52. Great nye kiss

1 Bathroom Messages

Leave little love messages on the steamed up bathroom mirror for your loved one to read when they get out of the shower.

2 Massage

Offer to give them a massage after a hard day at work. It will be much appreciated.

3 Write a Poem

Put your feelings down on paper and present them with a loving poem. For even more effort, translate it in to a romantic language like French or Italian.

4 Public Declaration

Make your love known to the world by staging a public declaration of your love for your partner.

5 Mix Tape

Make a playlist of all the songs that you consider to be ‘your’ songs; music can be very special to a relationship.

6 Run a Bath

Run a luxurious bubble bath for them after a hard day. They will never love you more than at that precise moment!

7 Surprise Lunch

Give them a midday boost by surprising them at work with a delicious lunch that you have prepared for them.

8 Pillow Gift

Make them feel special by leaving a little gift on their pillow before bed; something like a nice chocolate or a little love note.

9 Post Work Praise

Make sure to have a great meal or bunch of flowers waiting for them if they have had to do a hard presentation at work that day.

10 Dedication

Send a message to your favorite radio station and dedicate a song to them.

11 Favorite Meal

Dedicate an evening to them by cooking them their favorite meal and playing their favorite music in the background.

12 Foot Rub

We all love a good foot rub, and they are a great way to show your love for your partner.

13 Surprise Text

Every now and then send a spontaneous text to them telling them that you love them. It gives a great boost of romance.

14 Surprise Post

Even if you live together, it can be really fun to mail something to your partner: like a small gift, love letter or a list of things they do that makes you happy.

15 Wallet Photo

Give them a photo of you with a love message on the back that they can keep in their wallet to remind them of you whenever they want.

16 Car Message

Pop a note on the windshield of their car telling them that you love them and that you hope they have a good day at work.

17 Tree Initials

It’s a classic move, but it can be fun to find a tree and carve your initials in to it. It can be ‘your place’ forever.

18 PDA

When you are out in public and they least expect it, plant a great big smacker on their lips to show them how much you love them!

19 Cinema Date

Go and see a romantic movie at the theatre, sit in the back row and you can cuddle and kiss to your heart’s content.

20 King/Queen for a Day

Treat your partner to a day of absolute luxury by crowning them King or Queen for The Day and you are their humble servant!

21 Tree Planting

Plant a tree together and you will get satisfaction from watching it grow strong at the same time as your relationship is growing stronger.

22 Be Vocal

Don’t be afraid to tell them how much you love them as much you want. It’s crazy how some people seem to forget unless they physically hear it.

23 Old Fashioned Love Letter

Forget emails and text messages; go all the way and send a proper love letter on paper, perhaps with a fancy wax seal!

24 Code Words

Come up with a few code words that you can use at busy parties to let each other know that you can’t wait to get home and in to bed!

25 Hotel Stay

Every now and then, book in to a nice local hotel and have a one-night holiday getting the best room service and using the spa.

26 Place an Ad

Place an ad in a local paper declaring your love for them, and wait to see how long it takes them to see it!

27 Blindfold Surprise

Organize a surprise for them and make the most of using a blindfold to guide them to what you have arranged.

28 Write a Love Song

You don’t have to be the next Elton John or Adele; it’s the thought that counts!

29 Early Valentine

Don’t stick to the usual date; surprise your partner with an early Valentine to let them know you have really thought it through.

30 Secret Notes

If they have to go somewhere on a business trip, hide a bunch of sweet love notes on their luggage that they can keep finding.

31 Lend a Hand

Offer to help with any chores that your partner might be struggling with; your help will be much appreciated.

32 Be Spontaneous

No matter what kind of gesture of love you want to make, do it spontaneously. Those kinds of surprises are always welcome!

33 Name a Meal after Them

Invent a dinner that includes all of their favorite ingredients and name it after them.

34 Body Paint

Be cheeky and buy some body paint and write a love message on your body for them to read with eyes a goggle!

35 Record Yourself

Record yourself reading out a love poem that the both of you love; it will give them something to listen to if you are apart for any reason.

36 Make a Collage

Make a collage of all the best pictures of the two of you to hang up somewhere in your house.

37 Mementos Box

Have a shoebox or something similar to keep all of the tickets, photos, notes etc. that have meant a lot to you during the relationship. Go through it together.

38 Sexy Lingerie

Treat your partner to a visual feast by slipping into some sexy lingerie.

39 Charity Donation

Do something for others in your partner’s name by donating to charity on their behalf; it is a really sweet gesture.

40 Remember Anniversaries!

Make sure that no matter what, you always remember the day of your anniversary!

41 Mindmap

Create a mindmap to give to your partner of all the things that you love about them, and how in turn these things make you a more complete person.

42 Beach Walk

If you live near a beach, then make the most of it by going for as many walks by the ocean together as you can.

43 Mean the Words

When you say I love you, make sure that you really mean it; your partner will be able to tell if you are just saying it for the sake of it.

44 Play Hooky

Be naughty together for a day by both calling in sick to work. You can spend the day catching up on all your shows and staying in bed!

45 Send an E-Card

Give your partner something to smile about during their work day by sending a surprise e-card telling them how much you love them.

46 Notes around the House

If you’re bored of leaving steam messages, instead hide little love notes all over the house that they will find when they are least expecting.

47 Keep a Blog

Keep an online blog where you can list everything loving thing that you do for each other. When there is enough, you can show your partner and they will absolutely love it.

48 Do Your Chores

Don’t leave it until the last minute to do all of those jobs that your partner has asked you to do. Get them done straight away and they will really appreciate it.

49 Be Kind!

Make the conscious effort to be kind and loving all day. See how much this more positive attitude can make a difference.

50 Take an Interest

Make an effort to be interested in your partner’s favorite hobbies. Even just asking a few questions now and then can make them feel good.

51 Early Christmas Present

Don’t wait until the 25th. Present your partner with an early Christmas gift and it will show them that you cannot wait to make them happy.

52 Great NYE Kiss

You have all year to practice, so make sure that your kiss on the stroke of midnight is the best one of the year!

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