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The age debate never stops. But it appears that women who date younger men seem to get a rougher deal than men who date younger women. They get called cradle snatchers and the objects of their affections get called toy boys. (And yes, the other way round suffers too, with accusations of being a trophy wife or a gold digger.) The human race is way too judgmental. Love happens in mysterious ways! There are plenty of good reasons to date a younger man, in case you are wondering.

1. Young Guys Are Hotties

Let's face it, most mature men have little more than an abundance of nasal and ear hair to recommend them - great, if you're an anthropologist writing an academic paper on human woolliness but not so great when you're looking for a handsome beau to light up your love life. Young guys are hot, fit and a lot less inclined to bore you rigid with their "life experience" monologues. If you ever needed valid reasons to date a younger man, think "nasal hair"!

You Stay in Control


Hey guess what! Your "younger guy" won't be young forever. And all of these depend on what you are looking for. If you just want to have fun, who cares. If you want something serious, looks will not be everything as referenced in #1.
Lately, I have been dating younger men. I look to date men who are older than me, but it seems as if the younger men have been around more. I do agree the energy is great; whether it's partying, sex, ...
24 years difference and of course probably not going to marry but I do enjoy the time we spend together he is definitely full of energy makes me feel young I'm 46 been told I look like 30
peony blue
Ok you look very very young wows a mind you you are still young remember that
Roberta F Simpson
I am 56 however, I am lucky as I was blessed with good genes so I look younger. NO one eve guesses my age - until I open my mouth and then they are blown away with my knowledge and education as well ...
Roberta F Simpson
Ok I see what "Peony Blue" is talking about. 10 years is not bad but yes 25 years - you would have to explain everything that you would use as a reference to them. They would probably not have been born for most of them. LOL
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