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Avoid These Terrible Shortcuts when Looking for a Man ...

By Holly

It doesn't matter how desperately you want to be in a relationship, because there's no shortcut to love. Sure, there are a few things you can do to land a boyfriend--but that doesn't mean that you'll end up in a happy relationship. Unless you want to settle for any old guy instead of finding your true love, here are a few shortcuts that you shouldn't take to find a boyfriend:

1 Hooking up Right Away

If hooking up with a man as soon as you meet him will make you happy, then there's nothing wrong with doing it. However, you shouldn't do it with the hopes that it'll convince him to date you. If a man is only interested in sex, then he'll probably end up deserting you after your one night of fun. Even if he stays with you, will you really be proud of the fact that you convinced him to stay by using your body?

2 Picking Men Based on Their Looks

You can't walk into a party and pick the man you want to go home with based off of his looks. If you want to find someone to date, you should mingle in order to find out every guy's personality. Don't take any shortcuts, because a man's looks won't tell you anything important that you need to know.


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3 Using Sketchy Dating Sites

Sure, there are some people who find love on the internet. However, you need to be careful with what dating sites you choose to sign up for. Some sites, such as Tindr, are pretty much reserved for men and women looking to have one-night stands. If you want something real, then you need to be careful about where you're looking for love.

4 Asking Friends to Set up a Blind Date

Your friends know you better than anyone, which is why you might trust them to set you up on a great blind date. However, if you and your match end up dating and then breaking up, your friend will probably end up in the middle of a few fights. That's why, if you want to keep your friendship with her, blind dating should be off limits.

5 Changing Your Clothes and Hair

Don't dye your hair a different color, because you heard that your crush likes blondes. Don't start dressing differently for him, either. Sure, it's an easy way to catch his attention, but you should want him to like you for you.

6 Settling for the First Man You Meet

If a guy buys you a drink, you don't have to go home with him. You're allowed to talk to other men in the establishment. Settling for the first guy who walks up to you, even when you're not that impressed by him, is a foolish idea. Don't get lazy when it comes to love.

7 Dating a Friend

Sometimes, your best male friend could be the perfect match for you. However, don't randomly decide to date your best friend, just because you're lonely. Some people aren't meant to be in a relationship, and are just meant to be buddies. Don't risk screwing up a friendship when you're not even all that interested in your buddy turning into your boyfriend.

While these methods might work every once in a while, their success rates are low. Have you ever taken one of these shortcuts to find a boyfriend?

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