7 Signs You're Dating a Leo ...


When I started dating a Leo, I was immediately drawn to his gregarious personality and outrageous sense of humor.

At the time, I had no idea that these were telltale Leo traits.2

Honestly, I never really got into the whole astrology thing until a friend pointed out that my guy was β€œsuch a Leo.” If you are dating a Leo, see how many of the following traits can be used to describe him.

1. Life of the Party

One of the telltale traits of a Leo is his desire to be the life of the party.

A Leo man never shies away from the limelight and is a natural born storyteller.

If you start dating a guy who is gregarious, animated and outgoing, you might just be dating a Leo.

Hanging out with a Leo can be great fun, unless you find yourself fighting for the spotlight.

If you like to be the center of attention, dating a Leo can be exhausting.



Love my Leo man
Kaylee Heath
Gotta ❀️ Leo's!
yes yes
my man is a Leo but he does not have a temper. I can tell when he is mad and just gives him his space. Leo's do not like are nagging and drama. laugh at his jokes, make him feel like a man, and give him compliments. he is very generous as well. if he has it, you have it. When he doesn't have it, it lowers his self esteem and he feels inadequate. he only wants the best.
Sums up my Leo fiancΓ© perfectly! Couldn't have written it better myself!
I'm a Leo female, and I admit that I have more than half of these traits. (I'm socially awkward, so I'm not usually the life of the party.
I've personally never dated a Leo, but I'm a Leo female, and all of these traits are 100% accurate :)
oh my word.... I have been going through every one of those traits with my guy n the funny thing is am a Leo as well
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